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If you want to achieve something, you need to have a vision about what you want to see and do. Otherwise you will land up nowhere.

Without having a vision for life, profession or business, we cannot achieve anything effectively be it personal or professional. Without visioning there is no direction. They can be no strategic plans and hence no focus. Dreams will end up as dreams without a clear a vision. Many times this can happen at organizational level too. To build a business there should properly organized goals or vision.

Why visioning?

Every organization has a purpose for its existence. Some organizations have their purpose written down as vision statement while some may not. Some purposes are well defined while others are vague.

A vision gives direction for the business to be geared. It helps to know if decisions made are beneficial for the business to achieve its goals or not. Visioning helps the organization to make clear-cut detailed strategic plans to be worked on. A well defined vision statement always helps the organization to stay focused.

How do we do it?

Before an organization or a company decides to drafts on its vision statement, there are few aspects which are to be considered for visioning. First, the vision of the organization has to be realistic. Unrealistic visioning will fail to be implemented and involve people to work towards it. For instance, when starting a computer company, a realistic vision would be offering a valuable product or service to customer and thereby become a popular company in the industry. Instead if the vision of the company is to become the largest provider of desktop applications in say 6 months time without having an access to research and development, the vision may be a bit too stretched. Without compromising on the "think big mentality", we create checks and balances to ensure that the vision is a bit more real.

Second, any organization whether drafted or not works on core values which becomes the foundation of the organization's success or failure. If the core values of the organization are customer satisfaction and employees happiness, then it sure that such organizations always grow and prosper.

Third, the vision should have a strategic plan drafted with regard to:
  • Where we are now? (Current position)
  • Where we want to be? (Goal setting)
  • How to get there? (Plans, step by step process)
  • Who will do what? (Roles and responsibilities)
  • How to know we are progressing? (Evaluation process)

To make a vision come into effect all the three components of the vision namely, purpose, values and strategic plans need to be worked on. It may be short-term or long-term depending on nature of the vision and business complexities. However, visioning is still the essential and the first step to progress.