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About Us

Strengthscape is an executive coaching and a leadership development firm based in India. To really introduce ourselves, it is important to begin by clarifying the reason why we exist. To make money? Well, that’s certainly a favorable outcome but not really the core of our being. We believe that together, as a team, we can make a change, help people find their calling, rise above the frustrations of the present and be inspired to move the mountains. We exist to shift our clients into this zone that we call “the inspired zone”.

Our vision is to help individuals discover possibilities and inspire them to unleash their potential across all facets of their lives.

How we started

With a modest beginning in 2007, Strengthscape has grown leaps and bounds building its business on the solid foundation of client references and expertise in delivering innovative and insightful interventions. Our professional ethics, client focus and a deep-rooted belief in human potential have guided us all through.

Who we are

Based in India, Strengthscape delivers astounding services to clients in the country and abroad. We are a team of more than 25 professional coaches, in India and abroad, all with impeccable credentials and some certified by the International Coach Federation. Equally – if not more – important, we bring to our training programs a rich repertoire of skills gleaned from decades of experience in other domains such as the IT, Automotive and others.

What we do

We provide executive coaching, leadership training and mentoring services through a broad spectrum of activities that are scientifically proven to be capable of transforming the way people think and act. We seek to apply these techniques to bring about a positive change in individual and group dynamics to enable our clients to grow. We have worked with some of the well-known names in industry and equally, with those on the path towards gaining greater recognition. We work with anyone who has the zeal and motivation to move beyond self-created boundaries to unleash their true inner potential.

How we do it

We offer a host of programs in India right from executive coaching, leadership training, coach training, soft skill training, team building and customized interventions. However, there is a common thread that runs through all of these: our underlying philosophy is to adopt a holistic approach. We view individuals as something more than just the employees of a particular organization – as people, each with their distinctive desires, hopes, fears, principles, values and goals. This approach allows us to begin with the positive premise that when you provide people with the right skills, tools and environment, they grow to capacities far beyond expectations. Whether it is our leadership training or any other development program, we constantly focus on giving people an opportunity to express themselves completely to discover their true strengths and weaknesses. Once they come to this level of awareness, we help them assess their need for change and set strategic goals to achieve it. We stand by them as they implement their plans and applaud as they reach their pre-decided objectives. While the executive coaching engagements are delivered on a one to one basis, most of the workshops are designed to be experiential in nature.


Human potential is so limitless, possibilities so endless that it is only when we are in this zone called "inspired", can we truly live. We exist to shift you into this zone. Our vision is to help individuals discover possibilities and inspire them to unleash their potential across all facets of their lives.


Our mission is to use regular conversations, supported by scientifically-validated techniques, to drive positive change in how individuals and teams think so that they effectively create and harness opportunities for themselves and their organizations to grow.


Our values guide us to comply with the strictest work ethics and deliver our best in order to fructify the goals of the coached and the client organization.