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Transition Coaching

Transition coaching, as the term suggests is targeted at individuals undergoing a transition in an organization. Getting into that hot seat, right at the top, can be quiet discomforting. Transition coaching helps you look back and take note of your strengths and weaknesses. It further helps you decipher the complexity of the new role, organizational dynamics and the business environment and chalk out a clear path forward. Be it a promotion, new hire, change of role or a change in business dynamics, transition is one of the key reasons why organizations hire coaches.

Transition may not sound that difficult when viewed from outside. However, challenges do exist in the transition process and one may find it overwhelming when going through the process. The transition coach helps the coachee go through the transition process with less anxiety and with more confidence. When organization hires new employees or when employees move to a higher cadre, it is crucial to have the services of a transition coach since the transition coach can help the coachee in facing the challenges of a new role and responsibilities and achieve their required goals.

Research states that organizations incur higher costs because of executive level hires who fail to fulfill their roles during their first year2. For instance, when an executive is moved from one LoB to another surely this transition process will have new challenges which cannot be handled by using the same techniques that worked for the previous LoB. Sometimes executives may find themselves caught up in mire wondering why the techniques and methodologies that was so effective in their previous LoB has failed in their new LoB. This is where exactly the use of a transition coach can be seen in effect. Transition coaching is not same as the other types of coaching. The transition coach helps the coachee in understanding what are the essential things which they must do differently and why it has to be done.