What does developmental coaching involve?

Developmental Coaching

Developmental coaching is built on the framework which first aims to understand the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of the individual before starting the process of coaching. Most of the coaching processes don’t look at the root cause of the problems that the individual is facing. But on the other hand, developmental coaching looks at the problem holistically and this aspect creates the difference.

What does developmental coaching involve?

Developmental coaching, unlike traditional coaching, uses 360-degree feedback, standardised assessments, and past experiences to understand the stage of development that the individual is currently in. A developmental coach should focus on the characteristics exhibited by the individual because they reflect his/her developmental stage. No two individual of different age should be coached in the same manner.

Developmental coaching also focuses on the ‘mental age’ of the individual. Focusing on mental age is different from focusing on past experiences. Past experience will help in revealing the thought patterns that have existed in the past and mental age will help in determining how the individual has evolved into his/her current state of mind.

Developmental coaching pays attention to the experiences that have determined the person we have eventually become. Different degree of meaning that the individual attaches to a particular experience will dictate the action of the individual in future.

The process of developmental coaching

Developmental coaching doesn’t focus on the process of conditioning because true development comes when individual finds meaning itself rather than attaching it something and then change the behaviour. The motive of developmental coaching is not to bring changes in behaviour but to bring a change in the mindset which ultimately affect the behaviour and lead to desired results.

Developmental coaching is concerned with revealing the root of the mindset problem or insecurity and helping people with equipping themselves with the mindset to tackle the problems on their own. This type of coaching helps the individual to place himself/herself on a constant framework of development rather than focusing on a particular target.

Some of the techniques of developmental coaching are:

Integrated mental training is a process in which developmental coach influence individual’s emotional and cognitive states and helps in developing new perspectives and attitudes to cope with the problem. This technique pays a lot of emphases on unlocking alternative state of consciousness through images or visual stimuli. It also helps in improving the relationship between mind and body.

Coaching for prevention encourages constructive pattern of thoughts which helps the individual to think for the future rather than ignoring it. This technique ultimately attempt to solidify one’s goals for the future rather than focusing on the problem. If an individual is able to visualise a path for a particular goal, this is more constructive than making oneself equipped to deal with unforeseeable problem of the future.

These are the two techniques which are used in developmental coaching and helps in making it more effective. Developmental coaching is relatively longer in its process but definitely has a lasting effect on the individual and helps in making him/her equipped for the future.

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