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Team Work And Team Building

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Team Work Means More WE And Less Me

What is the difference between 4 people standing on a bus stand, waiting for the bus and 5 schoolboys practicing for a football match?

Both sets form a group which is, “A collection of people with a common characteristic or purpose”. However, on deeper thought do you realize the difference between the two? 4 people standing at the bus stop are individually waiting for a bus, while the 5 boys practicing for the match are collectively working to achieve a goal of improving their game-play and increase their chances of winning the match. Hence, they are not just a group of boys but a football team.

We all work in teams, be it in our personal or professional life. However, a work team is more dominant in today’s professional environment and its functioning. More often than not, we are a part of one or the other work-team. Being part of a team can be rewarding and challenging at the same time.. However, it is still important for us to effectively function within a team to achieve the goal.

Work teams have

  • Clearly defined purpose and goals
  • Shared commitment of all team members towards the
    • Process – how team works together to reach  its goal
    • Product – work team accomplishes
  • Performance is primarily measured by collective output of the team and individual performance is only secondary.

Working with a successful team hence, ensures better results for the organization, for the team as well as for the individual. This means our career advancement and development is also dependent on the team we work with and the way we work with the team. Work-teams are not successful in themselves, team members actively collaborate and work together towards making a team successful which enables superior delivery and achieving goals!

How to build effective team?

  • Spending time together to define group goal (in case it is already defined, focusing on specific aspects) and develop a shared and common understanding of the goal.
  • All team members participating in group discussion to ensure commitment
  • Clearly defining roles and responsibilities of each team member. Also defining  the rules and process to achieve goals.
  • Collaboratively agreeing upon model and levels of decision making.
  • Ensuring a culture of open communication, trust and respect within team members.
  • Conducting periodic team performance reviews.

Working towards being an effective team member is of crucial importance. It is essential to realize that individual goals can be attained only when team goals are attained and hence, one has to focus more on what “we” the team can do it better and less on what “I” can.

Here are five qualities to be a good team player

  1. Communication: Open, transparent and direct communication is valued when working in teams. It may save the team from taking wrong decisions. It also helps in building relationships with the team members which leads to greater willingness to collaborate
  2. Using strengths: The best way you can contribute to your team is by working on your strengths without overusing them to reach group goal.
  3. Trust: Building trust between your team members is essential for working together effectively. Constant doubting on their abilities will not only impair team relationships but also create hurdles in the way of the goal. Being trusted is of equal importance.
  4. Respect: Mutually respecting eachother. Every member is a part of the team for a purpose and may have strengths different from the ones you hold.
  5. Be reliable: Meet your deadlines and ensure meeting all the commitments you have made. This constantly sets an example for others and ensures better and timely team productivity.

It is not essential to be an extrovert to be a great team player as an ideal team is a mix of diversified set of individuals with different strengths. Playing on your strengths to ensure significant contribution to the team and being an active part of the team is the key to be a great team player.

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Building A Successful Team – It Takes Great Leaders To Build Great Teams

Leaders, who are not hesitant, are able to make troublesome choices and establish high standards for performance which are fulfilled constantly and improved regularly. Regardless of whether you are in the working environment, professional games, or your neighborhood group, team building requires a sharp comprehension of individuals, their qualities and what gets them eager to work with others.

Group building requires the understanding of self-image and empathizing with other people’s requests for consideration and acknowledgment. Team building is both an art and a science and the leader who can perform consistently is the one who is extremely valuable.

Building A Successful Team – Be aware of your working style

As the leader of the group, you should be mindful of your administration style and procedures. Assess yourself and be true about where you can enhance, particularly in regions that will profit those whom you lead.Despite the fact that you might be in-control, how you work may not be valued by the individuals who work for you. Along with good intentions, you should also be able to hold yourself responsible to course correct and modify the approach you are following to ensure that you are in power and have respect of the team.

Getting to know the team

Every single extraordinary leader knows precisely what catches to push and when to push them. They are similarly as powerful at coordinating extraordinary regions of topic aptitude and/or skills to take care of issues and look for new arrangements.

Completely knowing your group implies that you have leveraged every opportunity to see how they are wired to think and what is required to spur them to exceed expectations, past what is normal from them.

Defining roles and responsibilities

The responsibilities of the members of the team should be interconnected and dependent on each other. A group ought to work as a mosaic who’s one of a kind qualities and contrasts change over into a capable joined drive.

Being proactive with feedback

Feedback is the way to guaranteeing any group is remaining on track, yet more critically that it is enhancing every day. Feedback ought to be proactive and consistent. Numerous leaders are inclined to hold up until the point when an issue happens before they give criticism.

Keep in mind that each group is extraordinary, with its own one of a kind subtleties and progression. Regard them in that capacity. Enable proactive feedback to fill in as your group’s most prominent empowering agent for consistent change.

Acknowledgement and reward

With proactive feedback comes affirmation and reward. Individuals adore acknowledgment, yet are most energetic about respect. Set aside the opportunity to give your colleagues the best possible awards they have earned and merit.

At the point when individuals are recognized, their work brings them more prominent fulfillment and turns out to be more intentional.

Celebration of success

Celebration is a brief action. Try not to overlook it. Set aside the opportunity to live at the time and recollect what enabled you to cross the end goal.

Leaders are just as effective as their groups and the considerable ones realize that with the correct group progression, choices and various identities, everybody wins at last.

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Team Building Basics – Magical Equation for “Building a Team”

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. – Andrew Carnegie

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Team Building Activities

Even the best of teams can benefit and improve from the team building exercises. They are extraordinary methods for enhancing correspondence, spirit, inspiration, profitability, helping representatives to become more acquainted with each other, and finding out about one’s qualities and shortcomings.

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How To Build High Performance Teams

The principal of managing and building a team is an important one: to lead a group adequately, you should first set up your administration with each colleague. The best group leaders build their connections of trust and unwaveringness, instead of dread or the energy of their positions.

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Quick Team Building Initiatives

Team building practices are one of the approaches to fortify the bonds inside your group; however, they are not an alternate route to progress. Rather, you have to make teamwork inherent to your employees’ attitudes.

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Team Building Questions

There are different kinds of managers. Some might interact a lot with their team while others may not. Some might have a strong bond with the employees while other may not. Taking your organization to the next level needs a team that trusts you.

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