Top Basic Dining Etiquette Tips

Do you avoid going to fancy restaurants because you are conscious about dining etiquette?

In today’s world with business meetings taking place in restaurants rather than boardrooms – knowing the right dining etiquette is important. The multi-cultural corporate environment demands knowledge of acceptable etiquette in various cultures. The same holds true for dining etiquette.

Here are some basic dining etiquette tips:

  1. The Napkin – Place the napkin on your lap as soon as you sit. Do not tuck the napkin in your shirt. Use the napkin only to dab your lips. For everything else carry a handkerchief. If the napkin falls on the floor, pick it up but ask for a fresh one.
  2. The Cutlery – Use the cutlery from outside in. If you are unsure of something follow the lead of your fellow diners. Don’t point with your cutlery. Keep your cutlery on the table before you pick up a glass to drink. Soiled cutlery should not be kept on the table, leave it on the plate.
  3. The Conversation – Be polite and courteous. Make small talk with the people sitting around you. Fine dining experience is as more about socializing than the food. If you don’t like something, don’t make a fuss. Conversations must always be pleasant and circle around non-controversial things. Maintain eye contact with the people and talk softly.
  4. The Etiquette – Even as children we are told to not talk with food in your mouth, the same holds true as an adult! Do not ask to taste or offer your food to others to taste. If you can’t handle meat with bones – don’t order it. Do not hold and tilt the soup bowl. It’s ok to leave some soup at the end. Don’t season the food before tasting it. Do not keep your phone, glasses and purse on the table. Take small bites. Do not cut up all your food and keep.
  5. The Clothes – Be well dressed and groomed. Take the time and effort to look good and dress formally. Consider the occasion and dress appropriately. A lunch at a fine dining restaurant may not be as formal as an evening ball organized by the CEO!

The Business Etiquette Program of Strengthscape will guide to through the nuances of Dining Etiquette with hands on experience and other aspects of Business Etiquette.


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