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Qualities Of A Good Leader

A good leadership instinct can be acquired and developed over time by any and every individual. Behind every ordinary face lies an extraordinary leader who needs to be identified and polished so as to face the challenges and test of time. However, there are certain management skills which should be present in every competent Qualities Of A Good Leader

6 Qualities Of A Good Leader

  1. Exemplary character – A leader displays the figure of a Godfather and an icon. He should be able to portray an exemplary character of being trustworthy and reliable in every aspect so as to be appreciated by employees and colleagues. A true leader is one who signifies and reflects a strong character, worth the respect and position that has been acquired by him. Honesty and integrity, therefore, are the two characteristics which should stay with him throughout his life tenure and get buried with him.
  2. Being enthusiastic – Showing enthusiasm towards one’s work or role as a leader makes him gain more attention and popularity. People look up to such leaders, respond openly to them and also consider them as a source of inspiration. As a leader, he has to be focused on his targets and also drive others to focus on their respective targets to jointly produce effective and positive results. This can happen only if he does not hesitate to roll up his sleeves and get down to cleaning the dirt himself when required.
  3. Being confident – For a good management of affairs, a leader has to be extremely confident about his decisions and endeavors. Being a role model for others, he cannot afford to be shaky and hesitant; instead he has to stand clear, confident and straight towards his ultimate goals. A confident leader can extract the best efforts and results from his team towards the attainment of the proposed objective and can come out with flying colors, much beyond his own expectation.
  4. Being organized – Leadership management calls for an orderly functioning in a purposeful manner, especially during times of uncertainties. Only a positive demeanor can infuse a new life in an otherwise confused and uncertain team.
  5. Tolerance level – Being calm composed and tolerant of ambiguity are the true qualities of an ardent leader. Management skills can be mastered by portraying a brave front, especially during times of crisis. Being ‘Mr. Cool’ can solve many problems without much effort and can promise smooth sailing towards the journey of achieving one’s targets.
  6. Excellence has no substitute- A good leader only settles for the best. Maintaining high standards, consistency in performance and being proactive in raising the bar, so as to achieve the highest position, should be the whole and sole aim of a true leader.
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