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GROW Coaching Methodology

Involves the use of several techniques and The Orange Academy uses the DANCE model which is a stepwise process of moving from becoming aware of the behavior that needs changing to actually making the transformation. However, there are other coaching models that leadership coaches use, and one of these is the GROW model. Quoting wikipedia,

“The GROW model (or process) is a technique for problem solving or goal setting. It was developed in the United Kingdom and was used extensively in the corporate coaching market in the late 1980s and 1990s.
There have been many claims to authorship of GROW as a way of achieving goals and solving problems. While no one person can be clearly identified as the originator Graham Alexander, Alan Fine, Sir John Whitmore, who are well known in the world of coaching, made significant contributions. Max Landsberg also describes GROW in his book The Tao of Coaching”

What is GROW?
When you take a journey, you need to begin with deciding the destination, look at where you presently stay, find ways to get to the destination and get everyone prepped to reaching there. Sir John Whitmore, human resources consultant and coach, made a major contribution to developing the GROW model which, follows a similar methodology. In his book titled “Coaching for Performance: GROWing People, Performance and Purpose” he explains how GROW is an acronym for Goal, Reality, Options and Will. Using this model, you can design a leadership coaching session that helps your team proceed through any obstacle it faces.

Any job becomes easier when you break it down into a series of smaller tasks; so the key task in leadership coaching is to set small and specific goals. During this process, it is important you clearly visualize what it is that you wish to achieve in very specific and relevant terms. Besides, you ought to make sure these goals are attainable, because achieving them is going to give you a confidence boost to undertake the rest of the journey. Making these goals time-bound ensures you do not lose steam halfway through the process.

This step refers to taking stock of your present situation in the context of the goals you set. Evaluate the resources you possess, and the factors that can help you or come in the way of your progress. Understand thoroughly the nuances of your situation and think about the knowledge and skills you possess to move towards achieving your goals.

Before you proceed further, you ought to consider the options available to you to deal with your realities. At this stage, you ought to list out both the strengths and weaknesses of your team because this gives you an idea of how to go about achieving your goals.

This step involves the most important part of the leadership coaching process – getting your team to commit to taking the necessary action. This step is what provides the motivation and the driving force that will take you towards the end point of the journey.

Although the GROW model list the steps in leadership coaching, it is not essential that you follow them in this same order. In many instances, you will find yourself shifting gears between the steps in random order and this flexibility is good because it allows you to keep improvising as and when required.

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