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Dealing With Low Self-esteem

You walk into a colleague’s office to discuss an upcoming executive coaching program and five minutes later, he walks out to talk to someone, leaving you stranded for a good 15 minutes. In this situation, some people think, “How dare he do that!”; a few use the time to just relax or get some other jobs done and many people think the boss is trying to put them down, or that he does not give them respect. If you think like the last category mentioned here, chances are you have a low self-esteem and before long, it will affect your professional and personal relationships.

About Self-esteem

The term self-esteem refers to how you view yourself, your capabilities and your weaknesses. People with good self-esteem believe that they are good enough for others to respect. Those with low self-esteem believe they are lacking in some way. Self-esteem is shaped by the constant feedback you receive from the family, neighbors, friends and peers right from childhood. Besides, your experiences and interactions with others at school, home, in social situations and at the workplace also color your thinking. Executive coaching programs are an effective tool to learn how to control your negative thoughts and improve your self-esteem.

Dealing with Low Self-esteem

Low self-esteem can keep you away from professional success as well as enriching, healthy relationships. During executive coaching training sessions, you will learn about

1. How to identify the situations that make you feel low – a meeting with the boss, a social interaction, a family get together or dealing            with change.

2. The way to keep a watch over what you think and say to yourself in different situations.

3. How to analyze each of your negative thoughts.

4. Finding ways to speak to yourself positively and accept that it is okay to make mistakes sometimes.

5. How to find something to appreciate in yourself and hold on to that positivity to make the necessary change.

In order to build your self-esteem, it is important to minimize your interactions with people who speak in a manner that erodes your self-esteem. Participating in our executive coaching sessions can help you learn how to concentrate on living life on your own terms focusing on the goals you seek to achieve.

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