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OSKAR Coaching Model

Organizations who hire a business coaching expert do so for two major reasons: to identify the issues that affect their functioning below par and to equip their staff to deal with these issues in the right manner. Different coaches use different methodologies depending on the type of coaching that a particular situation requires. strengthscape for example, uses the DANCE methodology to good effect. Besides the other executive coaching models such as GROW, CLEAR and Motivational Interviewing, there is another methodology called the OSKAR Coaching model.

What is OSKAR?
OSKAR stands for Outcome, Scaling, Know-How, Affirm & Action and Review. This model was the brainchild of Karen Whittleworth and Andrew Gilbert which they developed by taking the concepts of the GROW model to the next level.

Outcome is the first stage where the coach sets the stage for the process of coaching by finding out how ready the client is for making the change. The executive coaching expert interacts with the client and gets a clear understanding of the goals the client wants to strive towards and determines the objectives of the coaching session.

Scaling is the next stage where the coach and client work out the client’s current position with respect to where he wants to be. This stage helps to give a concrete idea of the present status that becomes the starting point for change.

Know-How is the stage of collecting information about the strengths of the client that have brought him to his current level. During this stage of executive coaching, the coach has to help the client gain an awareness of the resources that are available to him, and build confidence in his abilities, skills and experience that will help make the transition.

Affirm and Action is probably the most important stage where the coach reinforces the client’s confidence by stating and affirming the positives the client has discovered during the know-how stage. This affirmation is followed up by helping the client determine each of the steps and actions he will take to make the change.

Review forms an important last stage of this model in which the coach reviews the progress made by the client in implementing the actions he had determined. Here, the coach pays attention to focus on the positives rather than the areas that the client failed to work on.

The OSKAR model is effective for not just executive coaching, it can also be put to good use by leaders and managers who wish to serve as leadership coaches for their employees.

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