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What it takes to be a Leader?

We all approach leadership from a unique standpoint – a combination of our own psychological make-up, intelligence training, and experience. Life has taught each one of us what it means to be a leader, and we probably caught our first glimpse of it as children. As we watched our parents, teachers, and coaches, we started to build our own concepts of being a leader, and with every new experience, that concept became more complex. In these experiences, we not only made notes of exemplary leadership styles but also noted things we wouldn’t do if we were in charge.

So, in a way, before any of us took on our first leadership roles, we started to think what it means to be a leader. And yet, as evidence by the conversation we had with seasoned leaders, few of us are prepared to lead. It is obvious that leadership is more of learning by doing act than anything still we have plethora of books stating latest and greatest ways to lead.

With all this information out there, why do so many leaders feel ill-prepared? In our conversation with a leader, he gave us his take on the institutional systems that typically funnel promising people into leadership roles. It is straightforward, if you perform your job well and show some hustle, eventually, you’ll move up the ranks. This is where it got a bit complicated for the leader as they keep on doing exactly what they’d be doing – and now direct reports must do leader’s earlier work and they now require the leader to inspire them and motivate them. Well, nobody taught the leader how to do that. Now, our leader had done all the traditional things that people do to prepare for leadership. They’d been to business school, for example, but still, they are caught off guard by the unique demands placed upon them as a leader. And, in this day-to-day task of it all, there is a requirement for some time for conscious reflection on the style of leadership.

Being a leader requires them to make difficult decisions like – being forced to choose amongst competing demands but what truly messes things up is the fact that people are the integral part of meeting the goals. Leaders often need to align their people with complex goals, deal with resistance, and try to gain a common ground from people with diverse interests.

In order to grow as a leader, you’ll need to focus your leadership skills in new directions, and this may be mentally and physically taxing for you. While you may get your first leadership position due to your positive working attitude or for your outgoing personality, you may want to develop your analytical side to be more successful in your next position. Well it goes without saying, “with great powers comes great responsibility”, a leader must strive to increase their competencies. This means, for example, you may want to balance the art of analyzing situations along with rallying the troops when the synergy is lagging.

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Public Speaking Skills

Leadership is synonymous to public speaking. When a leader addresses a crowd or a group of people with a purpose, it is nothing but public speaking. Every good leader has to master his communication skills in order to convey his ideas, aspirations and goals in clear cut terms, for a successful completion of his endeavor. This, on the other hand, can be fruitfully achieved only if a leader proves himself as a good orator.

To become a good public speaker, a leader has to stringently follow and keep in mind some key points which lead to development of quality public speaking skills in him. The first and foremost feature of mastering this skill is to practice what you preach. In other words, it is simply putting into action what you have learnt so far from your experiences. Impressive public speaking also involves re-sourcing for further skill building. While addressing a group of people, always remember to keep the speech original, enjoyable, simple to understand, organized and purposeful so as to grab maximum attentiveness and participation from the listeners.

It would be needless to say that leadership training involves this soft skill training as well. A big part of leadership is communication. Public speaking skills are an integral part of communication which is used as a medium for getting work done from co-workers and teammates. However, when addressing a crowd, make sure to specify the purpose of making the presentation, the desired outcome and the targeted goals and objectives therein. A listener would look forward to whether your speech is effective enough to strike a cord within him, is he able to connect with it, is the tone appropriate and relaxed enough, has the right technique been used to put the points across, is the effort meaningful, impact-ful and worth taking a message home. All these positives would make the leader heard, focused and would also convey his consistency of purpose.

A leader has to convey his purpose not only to team-workers but also to other larger groups of people who might be related to his targets directly or indirectly. He has to keep the public informed, gain financial assistance, encourage effective networking, inform funders, convince elected officials, persuade people and promote events and programs, all through his effective and powerful public speaking skills.

In a nutshell, a reputed executive coaching can glide you through a smooth pathway of leadership training, thereby converting your managerial effectiveness into perfect leadership skills and making you a full-fledged leader in every aspect required.

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