Self-Control Game

Learning/Application: Self Control

  • No. Of Participants: Two and more (always an even number)
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Location: Indoor
  • Checklist of Items Required: None


  1. Pair up the members in groups of two.
  2. Make the two people in a group to stand facing away from each other.
  3. Explain that both people should do their best not to talk, smile or laugh.
  4. On the count of three, have both people turn and face each other.
  5. Get the first one to talk, smile or laugh to sit down.
  6. Do this with all the groups and then, form new pairs with the people left standing, and do the same again.
  7. If at the end of the game, a group of two partners remain with a straight face, have the rest of the participants try to make them laugh.

Debriefing Notes:

Explore how some people managed to control their emotion for long and others didn’t.

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