General Guidelines & Safety in Outdoor Activities

Safety aspects during team building outdoor activities must be in lieu with UIAA approved standards including inspection of all the equipments and test procedures for breaking strength. All outdoor activities primarily must include three major protocols namely participant preparedness, activity design and reactive incident protocols.

All safety systems instruments needs to be pre-checked including preparedness to counter the risk of fall that exceeds minimum height standards. The technical team leaders of the event organizers must follow standards protocols based on an internal assessment of grading system. This process will determine that the strategy of one-size-fits all for all the equipments to be used during the length of the team building activities are not followed by all means.

Corporate Team Building Events & Outdoor Activities

All the field leaders must also determine that they understand the groups and their capabilities for the outdoor activity sessions and make on field improvisations for safety calls.

Each of the technical team members leading the group or excursion teams for various corporate must undergo professional mountaineering courses and must be approved qualified instructors who follow internal protocols and not leave anything to chance or the spur of the moment incidents.

Some of the major contraindications that participants needs to adhere before the commencement of any outdoor event is by filling in safety forms that enlist their blood groups and other ailments with mandatory review & physical approval for all the participants by qualified physicians or doctors.

Some of the essential tips that hikers must know for any hiking activity include a map, sun protection, extra clothing, a flashlight, first aid supplies, a reliable fire starter, repair supplies like a knife, extra food, extra water and emergency shelter.

Corporate team building events & outdoor activities must always be conducted by professional outdoor event organizers who will ensure that all safety & security measures are met during the duration of the event. These important safety protocols primarily includes emergency planning, monitoring and constant communications. These entire safety checklists for any outdoor activities ensures that the event commences & concludes smoothly and successfully by being prepared for the worst and knowing appropriate contingency based plan of actions.

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