Rules For Buffet Dining You Didnt Know Existed

Most assume that etiquette should be reserved for fine dining or formal dining, buffets are too casual to bother with manners!

This assumption, though true for some occasions, is misplaced. There is certain etiquette of buffet dining, that if followed can make it a pleasant experience not only for you but for people around you as well.

So here are some rules of Buffet Dining:

  1. Beware of the “all you can eat buffet”! These buffets should come with a “hazardous to health” sign! The end of such a buffet mostly results in self-loathing because you eat things you don’t like and fill an appetite you don’t have! The rule to follow here is: “You don’t have to try everything”.
  2. Don’t pile your plate till it becomes taller than Mount Everest. Take things you like and take them in moderation.
  3. Wait till you are seated before you start sampling the food. This simple act not only displays basic etiquette but can also prevent serious accidents.
  4. Maintain distance from people ahead of you in the queue. Shoving and nudging will not make the queue move faster.
  5. Don’t forget the basic dining etiquette of using a napkin and cutlery.
  6. In most countries, it is imperative to take a clean new plate for every serving.
  7. Be polite to people serving you. Saying a “thank you” or “please” goes a long way.
  8. For self-service counters, use the right spoons and tongs and don’t leave them in the dish.
  9. Never use hands to serve the food.
  10. Don’t reach across the table to grab the seasoning or ketchup. Ask someone to assist you.

It is important to follow the right dining etiquette to make the experience pleasant for yourself and others.
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