Rapport Building Through Effective Communication

Communication is the basis for all human relationships. We are able to connect with other people, build camaraderie and relationships by exchanging our thoughts, feelings and ideas. Rapport means having a close and harmonious relationship with others. It is communication that helps us in building and maintaining relationships with people around us.

Building rapport in the workplace is particularly critical, since having good rapport means better working relationships and higher productivity.

Since communication is the basis for human relationships and rapport, it is important to understand how effective communication can assist in rapport building. Here are some communication tips that will help you in building rapport.

Be a conversation starter. Don’t wait for someone to approach you, take the lead and start the conversation. Learn the art of small talk.

Address people by their name. Everyone likes to be remembered. Addressing someone by their name immediately creates a positive vibe and generates interest in what you have to say.

Being friendly always helps. A cheerful and approachable person will always attract people. Be easy going and allow people to come up to you and talk. You may be a good person, but having an intimidating personality will deter others from talking to you.

Ask appropriate questions. Asking questions is the best way to know a person, open-ended questions are particularly helpful in this regard. However, asking too many questions especially in the first meeting may make the other person uncomfortable. Also being culturally sensitive while asking questions is critical.

Be positive. Having positive ideas and outlook go a long way in building rapport. It is difficult be around someone who is always critical or complaining. People with positive energy are good at building relationships.

Watch and learn. If you are new at being a good conversationalist or find it difficult to talk to people, watch and learn. See how other people talk, what phrases they use to put others at ease and what kind f body language do they have. However, adopting someone else’s personality is not the answer. Learn from other people but adapt the learning to your own style.

Understand the other person while communication. Look out for non-verbal and verbal cues that will give you insights into their values, likes and dislikes and manner of working. Modulate your conversation and manner of communication accordingly.

Using these tips will make rapport building easier.

The BizComm Model of Stregthscape addresses rapport building and other nuances of Business Communication.

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