Mastering The Art Of Small Talk

When we talk about Communication Skills most people only think of effective speaking, listening and writing skills. In all this we forget a very important aspect of business communication – Small Talk. So what is Small Talk and why do I need to master this art?

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Cracking The Interview Code

Have you ever encountered a situation when after an interview you felt that the job was yours but received a rejection letter a few days later?

Interviews like any other personal interaction are subjective. Personal choices are different about everything and this applies to people as well. It is this subjective nature of interviews that makes them difficult to crack. However, some simple tips can assist you in creating the right impression more often than not.

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5 Tips For Overcoming Stage Fright

Stage Fright or fear of public speaking can take a lot away from your professional life! It can make day to day tasks daunting and sometimes even impossible. Imagine seizing up every time you have to make a presentation or even speak at a meeting. Surprisingly even some seasoned speakers suffer from stage fright!

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Executive Coaching Outline

Do you ever feel a gap in your employee’s existing performance and what the individual is actually capable of doing?

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