Learning Organization

A learning organization is one which promotes a learning environment on a consistent basis. The learning organization encourages collaboration, team learning and facilitates growth. A mentoring program is highly effective in a learning organization. A mentoring partnership can help a learning organization to capture and share learning, create collective learning opportunities, create a collective vision, help the team become adaptive and proactively work to achieve that vision.

It has been observed that embracing mentoring partnerships in the learning organization helps the people to grow at a rapid pace. Learning that happens in an organization can be competency based or people management knowledge both of which are essential for organizational growth and success. For organizations to really grow in the path of success, self-reflection, transparency and openness is essential which a mentee’s learn from the mentoring relationship. However, it is also equivalently important that behavioral changes be found in decision-makers or high level executives so that the potential benefits are derived by employees at all levels. Mentoring is an effective partnership for behavior change in an organization.

Collaboration and team learning is often viewed in single direction traditional approach where the mentor teaches the mentee and is concerned about mentees growth and success. However, contemporary mentoring relationship highly relies on collaborative learning, a learning which facilitates growth for both mentors and mentees in a reciprocal way. As mentors act as role models in a learning organization, they also benefit from self-reflective experience and from learning skills and ideas from the mentee which accelerates their growth and development. The ideas and skills learnt from the mentees challenge their leadership skills and critical thinking skill which facilitates professional growth.

Research has found that mentoring can enhance performance in a learning organization through competency based and people management learning models and mentoring relationships. Initially mentoring programs were implemented in organization to foster human resource development. But the latest trend is that organizations are using mentoring programs to enhance organization’s learning environment.

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