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One of the greatest challenges a leader faces is to engage the employees to focus on the organizational goals. While personal goals are what matters the most to the employees how will the leaders enable the employees buy into the organizational goals? It has been observed that traditional leadership approach is no longer an effective means to impact organizational effectiveness and growth. Today’s business and corporate culture can only be impacted with collaborative approach rather than command or control approach.

If leaders are to use collaborative approach for organizational effectiveness, it is apparent that leadership transition is the essential and this can only be attained through coaching. Leader as coach program aims at coaching business leaders as coach for organizational success. It helps leaders to become aware of their strengths and weakness, receive feedback, and develop into an effective leader so that the leader is able to coach others.

Leader as coach program is for all those who lead whether a CEO, manager or team leader. This program equips leaders and managers with competencies so that the leader is no longer perceived as autocratic but as a coach who is able to boldly believe in the strengths of others, motivate, coach and support them to accomplish their highest potential. The leader not only enables the employees or teams to focus and work towards the organizational goals but also foster long term commitment consistently.

According to Wright and Mackinnon only an effective coach can become an effective leader1. It is observed that coaching is vital part of standard leadership training and development; and 25-40% of fortune 500 companies use executive coaches to develop leaders as coaches.

The executive coaching in India is highly an essential ingredient for business and organization success and growth. The traditional approach of leadership is still prevalent in the eastern part of the globe. With the growing IT industry, MNC’s and development of various businesses, leadership transition is a necessity for survival with the rising global competition.

Leader as coach program helps leaders to adopt collaborative and partnership approach rather than direct and control. It helps leaders to evoke the talents and potentials of the employees for the benefit of the employees as well as the organization. It equips leaders with communication and people management skills that befit a coach. It enables leaders to handle conflicts, solve complex business problems more constructively using emotional intelligence.

Leader as coach programs produces leaders who become solid role models for their organization and teams by adopting values, competencies, strategies and techniques. To know more about leader as coach program visit the executive coaching India website:



Wright, S. and MacKinnon, C. (2003). Leadership Alchemy: The Magic of the Leader Coach. Toronto: TCP Publications.

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