Four Training Programs Every Professional Must Attend

1. Leadership Coaching Strategies

With the increasing globalization, and the world becoming smaller, the demand for business coaches has become more than it ever was. Organizations are looking for leaders who can guide their colleagues in the workplace, increase their productivity, and help them make career decisions.  These programs focus on giving knowledge about latest techniques of coaching, so that you can mentor and help the team and  your colleagues to grow.

Several activities and experiential exercises help in development of certain personality traits of the leaders. It gives a different view to the traditional problem. Attending such programs will help finding new ways to make your team strong and increase your value in the organization. Increasing self- awareness is an important aspect of such programs. Only after self-awareness, you can help others discover their essential competencies.

These programs are designed especially for managers who want to have a unique style, as well as HR professionals of various organizations to coach the leaders in their organization.

2. Building effective Teams

 ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships’ ~ Michael Jordon

Great teams are the building blocks of an organization. But, it is not an easy task. For a team to be effective they must know how to contribute in a supportive manner. It is also seen at times even the best of teams, with the best candidates, face problems in accomplishing the goal of the organization. This is where the need for programs like this can be of great help to the individuals as well as teams.

These seminars help learning the strategies and techniques for creating successful team dynamics. They help in developing skills which enhance communication and trust among the members of the team. They help the teams understand the common goal so that they can plan effectively, communicate with each other effectively, execute the plan and deliver the best outcome.

Programs like this are best for learning about the leadership strategies, effective communication, handling multicultural and virtual teams and in discovering decision-making techniques.

3. Negotiation skills

Effective negotiators should have the skills that are helpful in determining the interests of each party involved in the negotiation process. Negotiators need to have a very important skill of actively listening and keeping their emotions under control. To be an effective negotiator, it is very important to work together in a team.  They should have great decision-making ability.

Programs on negotiation skills help people in building confidence in the decision they make for our organization. They help understanding how to create value and ‘enlarge the pie’, so that it is a win-win situation for everyone. Negotiators also need to know when to accept a proposal and when to walk off the table, without damaging the relations.

Programs on negotiation skills help them understanding how to deal with cultural barriers and personal biases.

4. Persuasion

Persuasion is not the same thing as manipulation. The aim of persuasion is never ill intent or self-serving motives but it can be a tool of manipulation. Persuasion is the ethical side of manipulation. From convincing the clients for signing the contracts to winning over new businesses, persuasive skills are the most important and helpful.

Programs on persuasion skills can help one master how to influence and motivate others to do what we want them to. The best tool to be an effective persuader is to be truthful. It is very important to be believable, credible and truthful to successfully persuade someone into our deal.

Attending such programs will help us assessing the needs of the clients, making a professional presence and in the end, closing the deal.

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