Facets of Leadership

Leadership has many different faces. The need of the hour is to recognize it and work upon its betterment. No one becomes a leader overnight. One has to learn, practice and work over time to excel in this art.

Let’s consider some key skills which are essential to sharpen one’s leadership qualities.

  1. Lead by example– A leader cannot remain aloof from his responsibilities. His job is to lead others by setting an example in front of them. This can be possible only if he stands ready to pitch in when and where required, lend a support at every juncture and make sure that he is clearly understood by his teammates in every aspect of work or decision making.
  2. Passion- A leader has to be a passionate worker. Passion and enthusiasm are the driving forces which tend to inspire and attract every co-worker related to the department or company directly or indirectly. Believing in himself and the objectives of his organization can lead to the better functioning of an individual as a leader.
  3. Be organized– Better organization means better productivity and performance both from the individual as well as the team’s point of view. A disorganized leader can only give way to a non-purposeful endeavor, carried out in the most haphazard manner which would land him, and his followers, in a no-where situation.
  4. Delegate– No leader can be ambidextrous in every department. He has to delegate, assign and distribute work to subordinates and supervise its proper fulfillment by demanding accountability for the same. As a leader, he also has to make sure that he authorizes them with flexibility and responsibility to operate and carry out the work in the most effective manner.
  5. Communicate effectively– Communication is a key to proving yourself as a good leader. A leader has to communicate precisely, specifically, effectively and efficiently not only about the work allotted to employees and how it their contribution would make a difference on the bigger picture, but also updating them and giving feedback regarding their performance, thereby affirming success of the company or the department concerned.

Remember, a leader leads by respect, dedication and clear vision, and not by dictatorship or authoritativeness. To sum up, here’s a quote by a very eminent writer:

“Delegating work works, provided the one delegating works, too.” – Robert Half

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