Employee Engagement Today

However much automation and technology have revolutionized ways of doing business, there is one fact that has remained unchanged: the human factor is still the most vital resource of any organization and with a workforce that is committed and passionate about the job; you can overcome almost every obstacle on the path to success.

Unfortunately, there is no secret formula that allows you to identify and hire only people with such passion and commitment. Nor is there any magic wand you can wave to suddenly convert all your existing employees into motivated and dedicated staff. There is however a concept that many business organizations are slowing waking up to; and it is called employee engagement.

What is employee engagement?

In the simplest terms, employee engagement refers to a situation in which employees are committed, proactive and involved with the organization’s work in a manner that ensures success of the organization and achievement of its goals.

In his Working Paper on Employee Engagement, Nitin Vazirani of the SIES College of Management Studies says, “Employee engagement is the level of commitment and involvement an employee has towards the organization and its values.” The paper further explains “An engaged employee is aware of business context, and works with colleagues to improve performance within the job for the benefit of the organization.”

Why Employee Engagement Matters

In today’s competitive times, when there are so many avenues available, it is tough to retain employees. You may pay the best salaries and yet, it is not always about the money. Financial compensation is certainly an important criterion, but it is not the only one. As human beings, we have other needs too: we want to be appreciated, we want someone to really listen to us, we want a certain amount of choice and freedom in the way we perform our roles and we need to feel we are being treated in a fair and just manner. Just how important these criteria are to employees becomes evident from the recent report by Gallup International – a leading international market research organization – that says business organizations with greatest employee engagement had very low employee attrition rates.

Employee engagement is a quality that you cannot demand but when you approach it with the right attitude, it is something that will flow effortlessly. A successful employee engagement program requires commitment from the top and that is why it is crucial for leaders to learn about this, to harness the true potential of their workforce.

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