Employee Engagement Ideas

Engaged employees imply a broad spectrum of benefits – they are more productive, they provide better customer service, they stay with their companies longer and perhaps most importantly, they contribute to the company’s financial inflow. In fact, according to a report by Watson Wyatt, organizations with high levels of employee engagement saw a revenue jump of $95 million.

When such are the benefits of employee engagement, it is vital that organizations focus on this aspect. Although wining over actively disengaged employees may be very difficult, converting passive, not-engaged employees into engaged employees is relatively simper. Here are a few ideas to help employees make this transition.

Provide advancement opportunities

A study by the US-based National Business Research Institute found that more than half of employees believe that they will definitely leave the organization for which they currently work. The reason most commonly quoted: lack of space for career advancement.

An employee who is given opportunities to grow his knowledge and skills reciprocates by using these to serve the organization that helped him acquire them. Along with job training, it is also important to create roles where the employee is allowed to handle greater responsibilities with increasing independence. This implies that the organization trusts this individual and in turn, he or she begins to work to live up to that image.

Remove Stressors in the Work Environment

Several factors at the workplace cause stress for employees – lack of clarity regarding job responsibilities, insufficient tools and means to deal with on-the-job situations, perceived favoritism, being passed up for promotions, colleagues with whom it is difficult to communicate, managers who are too “bossy,” the list is endless. One of the ways to improve employee engagement is to identify what is a stressor for your employees and then work towards doing away with it.

Treat Employees with Respect

Show employees you respect them and value their contribution to the running of your company. Catch employees doing the right thing, and be vocal and sincere in expressing your appreciation. Show your respect through other ways too – communicate openly, keep employees in the loop about important matters that are relevant to them and provide equal opportunities for all employees, treating them with fairness. Make sure you always “walk the talk” when it comes to honoring your organization’s ethical standards.

When you adopt these principles into the way your organization functions, you will find you need not worry as much about employee attrition. Providing your employees with the right working environment that empowers rather than frustrates is indeed the key to engaged employees.

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