Dream Destination Game

Learning/Application: Icebreaker/Understanding team members/Sharing

No. Of Participants: 5-10

Duration: 45 minutes

Location: Indoors

Checklist Of Items Required



Travel Books

Brochures of holiday destinations


1.      Hand out a few travel books and holiday brochures to each person.

2.      Instruct everyone to individually work out their dream holiday right from choosing the destination to planning the travel and accommodation arrangements.

3.      After 30 minutes, have everyone share their dream destination, the reasons for why they chose that place and the planning they did for the trip.

Debriefing Notes

Use this activity to help strangers get to know each other better. During the discussion, ask everyone to observe what they learned from the way someone chose a destination or planned a trip. Use this to help the group understand that people are motivated by different things and how this influences the actions they take – for example, a person who finds it stressful to have things go wrong may choose a destination that is relatively familiar or closer home.

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