Delivery Skills: A Key To Effective Presentations

Going up on stage and delivering an effective and impactful presentation or speech can give nightmares to many people. Stage fright is categorized by many as one of their worst fears. However, it is difficult for anyone to escape public speaking in today’s business environment.

The moment we think about giving a presentation we think about the delivery of the presentation. However, out of the time spent in preparing for the presentation, a significant amount of time goes in preparing the presentation itself – collecting the data and putting it up in a coherent form using various tools like PowerPoint. By the time we are done with this preparation the time for delivery is at hand we realize we have done no preparation for that! For the client or audience, all that preparation has no meaning if the delivery is ineffective.
Therefore it is safe to say that delivery of a presentation requires as much, if not preparation, than developing it. Without preparation we might find ourselves at a loss for words to explain our brilliant ideas, or still worse be caught off guard due to stage fright!

Since we understand the importance of delivering an effective presentation, there are some simple guidelines for ensuring effective delivery

  • Create strong presence – The first 30 seconds of any encounter are the most crucial. The same rule applies to presentations as well. Make the first impression count. Create a strong presence on the stage or the room. This can be achieved effectively by a string greeting, being appropriately dressed and having a positive body language.
  • Engage the audience – The next challenge is engaging the audience. The effectiveness of a presentation is assessed by audience engagement and this is not always easy to achieve. Some strategies for engaging the audience are – give them what they want, grab their attention by telling them how your presentation can help them and create a mental trigger for them. Creating a strong visual or a context for them to associate will ensure that your audience is hooked to what you have to say.
  • Establish Credibility – Coming across as a credible and dependable person can do wonders for your delivery skills. Interacting with confidence, providing correct information and facts and being well prepared will establish your credibility as a presenter.
  • Create an Impact – An impactful delivery creates a strong impression on the audience and ensures that your message is conveyed well. Impactful delivery can be ensured by connecting with the audience, empathizing with their needs and ensuring a high recall of your interaction.  Pause at the right moment, ask imperative and thought provoking questions and highlight the key features and benefits.

The PresentSmart Model of Strengthscape delves in-depth into the nuances of effective delivery.

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