How to Become a Coach or Guru

With the expansion of business horizons around the globe, leadership development took an all new meaning. More and more businesses now are run by persons who are more globally aware and know the importance of coaching in these circumstances. Professionals like an Executive Coach have become more sought after and for very good reason.

Coaching is a process that enables the client and in the case of an executive coach, the corporate, to achieve the potential that they are capable of. They help in facilitating the self exploration of desires, needs, skills motivations and thoughts of the corporate and business individuals and this helps in creating a long lasting and effective change.

The famous executive coaches of the world are very adept in this process and their association with various companies and their work to bring about a change in the corporate is proof enough of their abilities. Some of these names have had a very long and exclusive relationship with some companies and developed their brands like Michael Gerber with E Myth and Jay Conrad Levinson with Guerrilla Marketing. But many of them have been able to work with their own name and become much searched and sought after like Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Michael Port, Brad Sugars, Paul Lemberg, Scott Hallman, Tony Robbins, Jim Symcox and Zig Ziglar just to name a few.

Process of Become Executive Coach

Leadership Development is one of the most important task that and executive coach masters in. It is in fact a process that is divided in to three different phases. The first one deals with identifying the hidden potential and abilities of an individual. When these are identified the individual needs to be introduced to it.

This phase also requires enlightening the person with the possibilities that emerged from such a discovery. And third phase deals with educating and equipping the person with the knowledge and understanding that enables him or her to utilize his or her abilities to bring about a positive change in their life, be it personally or professionally.

This is not an easy task and more often than not it requires the coach to rediscover new techniques and ways to influence the trainees. That is why a successful executive coach has a very lasting impact on the trainees, so much so that some of the renowned coaches are one of the most searched for on the internet even years after their death like Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.

Coaching is a collaborative alliance which establishes and clarifies certain goals and purposes and then drafts out a plan of action to achieve those goals. It also requires an understanding of what is important in a person’s life and what are his or her priorities and most importantly what are their negatives. Negatives are determined to target them and eliminate them by either overcoming the shortcomings or covering them up successfully with other assets that a person has.

All this requires developing a sense of attachment and trust with the trainees and this is something that the greats of coaching like the ones mentioned above have mastered. Their ways and processes alone are enough to give an idea about the manner in which life should be led or a business carried out and any further learning obviously gives more.

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