Benefits of Leadership Training

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others” – Jack Welch (CEO of General Electric)

‘Welch’s company’s value rose incredibly. None can deny the fact that employees are inspired and motivated by great leaders at work. Research has proven that effective leadership results in everything from increased workplace productivity and employee retention, to improved succession planning and ultimately, a better bottom line.

In order to make the most of your proficiency in the workplace, it’s important to develop your leadership skills’. (Jack Welch, 2005)

So great leaders aren’t born and effective leadership training and programs have been always useful and fruitful in training employees to become good leaders and acquiring those skills.

There are numerous benefits of leadership training. Leadership training is all about enhancing performance, productivity, and profit. Leadership training helps a lot in improving performance. Leaders with newly acquired skills are seen with better confidence and zeal to work and this eventually helps in improving their performances. This improved performance is felt across the whole team. With this the productivity of the team in particular and organization in general increases.

Productivity nowadays is one of the major challenges for most of the organizations. Lack of leadership skills is one of the factors that leads to low productivity of the organization. So, in such a scenario a good correlation between leadership skills and productivity can be determined. A recent research has shown about 25 % increase in productivity in an organization that undertook leadership training.

Better performance and productivity would obviously lead the way to profit. It is the managers and other leaders whose professional and good leadership skills would help in retaining good employees, helping them to function well and thereby contributing to company’s cost and revenue. ‘A research shows that when managers at American Express undertook emotional intelligence leadership training the entire group’s sales revenues increased by 10% (Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence’ (n.d) 2008).

Benefits of leadership training are widely felt and have helped all the leaders to rise and follow the path of success.

Few of them are discussed below – Benefits of leadership training are

1. Lay the foundation

Leadership training helps leaders and managers to lay the basic foundations for the company’s vision and mission and thereby helps in putting this into practice. Implementation of which leads to successfully overcome difficult challenges and obstacles.

2. Sense of positivity

Good leadership training benefits the leaders and managers with a great sense of positivity and improved confidence. A positive aura is created and helps the employees to work better in a good and challenging work environment.

3. Motivates employees

A better leader knows to manage time well by setting good, realistic goals for the team and guides them to achieve it. So, boosting up the team’s morale and motivating them is one of the most important benefits of leadership training.

4. Innovation and creativity

Good leaders help in developing a strong base and thereby encourages team members to brainstorm and come up with innovative and creative ideas required for good productivity. In such a process, managers and leaders interact with the whole team in a way which further helps in creating a great teamwork. Good communication thus results in better decisions, innovative ideas, and creative output.

5. Creates opportunities for future leaders

One of the benefits of leadership training is that good leaders with proper training help in filling up the positions. Their training and good management inspire the followers and with proper planning and leadership, followers are trained to take up the next desired role. Proper grooming and shaping of the behavior and skills are very much required for the team and future leaders.

Thus, a leadership program can help in identifying potentialities within many of the managers and leaders and effective training can create a positive impact on his followers in particular and organization in general.


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