Appreciation Exercise

Learning/Application: Appreciation/ team building

No. Of Participants: 6 – 12

Duration: 30 minutes

Location: Indoor

Checklist Of Items Required:

  • Paper
  • Pen


  1. Make the participants sit in a circle
  2. Give all the participants a sheet of paper; and keep one with you as well.
  3. Ask each participant to write their names clearly at the bottom of the paper
  4. Ask each person to pass his or her sheet of paper to the person sitting on the left hand side.
  5. Instruct everyone to write a sentence at the bottom of the sheet, describing what they like most about the person whose name is written on the paper
  6. Ask each one to fold the paper in such a way that the comment gets covered.
  7. Have the paper passed again to the person on the left and have that person add a comment, fold the paper to cover it and pass it again to the person on the left.
  8. Do this until each person gets back the sheet of paper with his or her name on top.
  9.  Ask each person to read the sheet silently and highlight the comments or facts he liked best.
  10. Then ask the participants to stand up and say aloud the strength he liked using positive words like “I am…”

Debriefing Notes:

Have the participants express how they feel in the midst of such positive feedback and contrast it with how they normally feel working with the same people. Use this activity to help people learn how motivating positive feedback can be. It is also a good method to motivate people to work on developing more positive qualities and also fills the group with mutual goodwill.

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