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Team Building Safety Checklist

The most important aspect of safety is prevention of any untoward incident. That's the first thing we focus on. Even so, in the unfortunate event of an untoward incident, we must be fully prepared to minimise the extent of damage. That's our second area of focus. And hence to ensure the safety of the participants we perform these activities ourselves first to ensure that we have all preventive pre-requisites documented and arranged along with the activity.

Safety First Fun Next

Safety First Fun Next

Outbound team building activities are fun and full of adventure especially when packed with activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, camping, rappelling, trekking, obstacle course, rafting, valley crossing, high ropes course and map finding. However, we at The Strengthscape ensure that the team members and participants follow the safety measures. We follow a safety checklist throughout the course of outbound training program.

Our Safety Checklist

We assure that the leader who conducts a specific activity such as rock climbing is a certified professional for that activity. All equipment used for outdoor activity is safe and carry UIAA labels (UIAA is an international safety standard developed by mountaineers and climbers).

Each activity has a written document explaining the process and the nature of activity. Before the beginning of the activity a detailed description of activity is explained to the participants. If the participant or a team member does not wish to participate in a particular activity for specific reasons such as fear of heights or water, they can choose to opt out. The participant's readiness is crucial for outdoor activities of various kinds.

Health conditions of the participants may sometimes be unsuitable for outbound training programs such as high blood pressure, diabetes, postpartum (at least more than 6 months after delivery), arthritis, back pain problems, seizures or epilepsy, migraine, etc. Participants with high risk health conditions are best advised not to participate in these programs if strenuous activities can worsen their health status.

We at The Strengthscape ensure that we follow all safety measures for the health, safety and well-being of our participants by making sure that we select safe places, safe equipment and professional trainers to conduct the outdoor activities. We also carry first-aid boxes with essential meds. We try our best conduct our programs in places that are easily reachable by network or emergency services.

Some general instructions before every out bound team building activity
  1. Casual attire (Tracks and T-Shirt) with sports shoes for men/ women can wear Kurta or Salwar, as an alternative if needed, with sports shoes.
  2. In case, you have knee issues, remember to wear your knee pad and other sports support accessories.
  3. Please use sunscreen, caps and shades as per your requirement.
  4. Hydrate yourself a day before the team exercise very well.
  5. Please trim your nails well to avoid injury to one another.
  6. Do not wear expensive jewellery, watches or rings and have minimal accessories.
  7. Do not carry your wallet or bag to the venue.
  8. Keep your mobiles away during all team activities, unless the instructor announces you to use it.
  9. Please inform the facilitator of any ailments, medications or discomfort such as:
    • Cold, Fever, Indigestion or Dehydration
    • Prone to any attacks like- sun strokes, fits etc.
    • Under any medications that cause giddiness.
    • Expectant mothers (if any)
  10. Kindly do not leave the venue without informing the facilitators.
  11. Advisable for the team participants to be free of any hangover due to alcohol for participating in the team exercises.

Above are the list of few general guidelines which is generally conveyed to participants a day prior to ensure their safety and smooth flow of the whole program. Apart from these we ensure that we also have access to directly contact in-house or the nearest doctor to ensure responsiveness during any emergency need. These all together make our Outbound Team Building a huge success.