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Team Building Destinations

Team building is a combined term for various types of activities used to improve social interactions and describe performance within teams, often involving collective tasks. It is one of the most widely used group-development activities in organizations. A common strategy is to have a team-building destination where team members try to build trust by engaging in activities that are not part of what they ordinarily do as a team. Team building is the process of turning a group of individuals into a collective team. It brings people together by promoting teamwork.

Fun activities help employees see each other in a different perspective allow them to connect in a varied setting. With the help of these team building events that are fun and inspirational, teams build skills like communication, problem-solving and dispute settlement. These activities help build long term team building through raising genuine connections, deeper discussions and processing.

Importance of Corporate Team Building

Team building activities involve getting out of everyone’s comfort zones and in an entirely new situation in which teamwork is still needed. This way, they can take what they learn and apply their newfound knowledge and skills when they are back in the office. Not only will colleagues acquire a better understanding of one another, but they may also learn more about themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses. This can result in developing better problem solving skills, as well as innovative thinking. Whether a business is large or small, it is certain that some people’s voices can get lost in the mix. Team building helps those people to express their views, and their colleagues to listen.

One of the most important aspects of organizing a corporate team building trip is choosing proper activities that employees will get the most out of. Otherwise, there isn’t a point. Some teams may excel more with problem solving situations, such as a survival exercises, while others may maximize their full potential through activities, such as scavenger hunts. Corporate travel planners should look into team building destinations that provide the best services and team building options.

Planning a Successful Trip

When arranging a corporate team building trip, choosing the right team building destination, plays a major role in whether or not the trip will be a success. Taking your employees on a team-building vacation tends to get everybody working together towards a common goal. The type of activities and exercises you choose, help in finding out that some of your employees have natural leadership abilities that aren’t evident in the workplace. Giving employees a well-earned vacation can enhance encouragement and achievement once they are back to the workplace.

Getting them into a new environment can change the way they think and promote ideas. If you have been facing a hurdle at work or are unable to overcome a certain problem, a team-building retreat can give employees and management the hike needed to solve problems and enable productivity. Think of a team building destination that employees will enjoy once the work is done and they have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the amenities together.

  • If you and your team are tired of being tied up all day long within the restrictions of the office and want to combine work with fun, then Discovery Village is the perfect place. Known to host the best resorts in Bangalore for corporate team outing, Discovery Village is located close to the city of Bangalore and is a nice place for a day trip or a short weekend. You can plan corporate team building activities at their resort to bring the enthusiasm back into your team. With vast outdoors and magnificent indoor facilities at your disposal, both your body and soul get relaxed only to return completely relaxed and recharged for the corporate challenges that lie ahead.
  • The Tapola River Camp offering lots of fun activities, makes it a great outing spot in Pune for corporate teams. The tents at the Tapola River Camp are equipped with delightful verandahs to view the natural beauty of the countryside. The resort is the perfect spot for a group excursion as it is surrounded by plentiful green woods and offers a remarkable view of the River Tapola. Participating in many team-building activities wipes away all tiredness from your mind and body.
  • Facing the Arabian Sea, the Taj Exotica lying in the middle of lush gardens is a charming group vacation resort in Goa. From inside the rooms and galleries, you can enjoy scenic views of the ocean. The employees can take part in different workshops, remarkable indoor games, and can also visit old Goa. There is no other place as enthralling as Goa. The melodious sound of sea-waves and the glistening sun will soothe your mind and body. It is the ideal environment for fun-filled and adventurous activities. The employees can indulge in raft building activity, play sports on beaches, embark on a treasure hunt game and can take up the challenge of building sand castles or making sand art in teams, which will boost their imagination and creativity.
  • If you’re are looking for team outings places in Gurgaon that assures thrilling activities while associating you with nature, head for Botanix Nature Resort. This team building destination hosts varied thrilling team building activities for the corporate groups, which have proved an effective method in helping employees to relax and enjoy. The extremely busy and challenging work routine can lead to mental stress, weariness, arguments between team members and even job dissatisfaction, if not given a break at the right time.
  • Enjoy the nature’s beauty in one of the most exquisite places in India, Nainital. Here your employees can admire the wilderness, as Jim Corbett National Park is located here, which is India’s oldest and most prestigious national park. Wildlife Safari is an activity that will sharpen their observation skills and teach them to be patient. Moreover, this activity infusess in them respect for the natural habitat.
  • Rishikesh is a place that offers huge varieties of experiences. From being the yoga capital of the world, the abode of spirituality to the land of adventurous activities, it is the best place for corporate team outings. You can camp and learn survival skills, learn the importance of team work through river rafting, trek and organize drum circle jam sessions along with bonfire to strengthen the team bond. Besides, you can also take yoga and meditation sessions to completely rejuvenate yourself.
  • Ooty is a hill station which consists of tea plantations, vast meadows, waterfalls, lakes and mountains. It is also blessed with a pleasant weather throughout the year. Whereas, Kodaikanal is also blessed with picturesque landscape. Trekking and Cycling in such a wonderful atmosphere is necessary to stay fit and refreshed. These activities will help your employees stay motivated and help follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Kerala provides you with breathtaking views and is the place where you will truly experience tranquility. There are numerous activities to do on a corporate outing in Kerala. Hiking or taking a bamboo rafting ride in Periyar, Walking through cobbled streets of Kochi and loosing yourself in the colonial times, cycling in Munnar and taking a tea garden tour are few of the activities to do. Besides, imagine conducting your business meetings in a houseboat on the backwaters of Alleppey. Kerala will mesmerize you and rejuvenate you like no other destination.
  • Coorg is the favorite getaway for corporates, as along with the lush greenery, it has lot of adventurous activities to offer. You can camp, do river rafting, trek, waterfall rappelling and organize drum circle jam sessions. All these activities will boost your morale and help you bond with your colleagues. These adventurous sports will also increase your feeling of excitement and keep you motivated to work efficiently.

Corporate team outings provide a pleasant atmosphere for employees to relax, let go of all stress and interact with their team members in a more casual way. Team building activities are thus necessary for the healthy running of any company and thus, more and more companies are making corporate team outings an essential activity. Creating a cooperative workplace is essential to the success of any organization. Employees who can work together efficiently boost productivity.

Being able to work together requires knowing each others' strengths and weaknesses, how to encourage each other, and nothing brings out these qualities more than a team-building destination programs. Different kinds of exercises help in boosting motivation, morale, trust and confidence in each other as well as the company.

Employees participating feel the pressure to perform, and by bonding over a problem or activity, it allows them to make a deeper connection. When people are removed from their comfort zones, and put into situations where they have to solve a problem together, it helps them get to know each other in new ways. Team building destinations also allows for minimal diversions, where employees are allowed to bond and have fun over the activities without thinking about their work pressure. This will lead to higher retention among the staff.

Team Building starts from collaboration and ends at a coherent team. We, at Strengthscape believe in making teams work together in an active and lively atmosphere of learning and reflection allowing them to connect better in an informal way and setting. Strengthscape plans all the team building programs and activities with the objective of improving work relationships in a relaxing way. These programs help employees understand each other in a better way by engaging them in various activities.

They help to eradicate the sense of hierarchy for a while and makes everyone feel equal leading to a better understanding, giving them a mental break from work and build connections so they feel more valued and engaged at work. When the employees return to work, they are more productive, thus increasing the output and income of the company.  We, at Strengthscape have moved team building destinations up on our priority list.