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Leadership Training

Leaders have many traits or qualities that play a pivotal role in the development of an organization but above all, they have a clear vision of the future, the conviction to rise against all odds and the ability to rally people towards a better future delineated by their vision.

  • They are high on competency, humility, commitment and intelligence
  • They bring the right mix of people orientation and task orientation strategies
  • They will identify unique characteristics and/or profiles of people who will enhance organizational performance
  • They will select/recruit individuals whose character, skills and potential closely match a respective profile
  • They will develop skills/abilities within individuals to fulfill their leadership potential within the organization

We encourage individuals to become leaders without a title. Our clients portray leadership at all levels and do their best work whatever be the circumstance. Strengthscape specializes in providing leadership development training programs customized to align with a client's operational goals. Our coaching skills and workshops are effective in building the skills and confidence people need to build commitment and translate strategy into effective action.

Our programs for leadership training and development will equip individuals with advanced execution and decision-making skills they need to excel as multifaceted leaders from insightful teaching methodologies gained from personal, new experiences. By teaching leadership competencies, core values, styles and a process for critical thinking in complex leadership situations, each participant will leave with an action plan that takes their personal leadership to a different level. We also conduct annual retreats for organizations that combine leadership workshops with strategy planning sessions that will align them towards a common goal by transforming conflict into creativity in a conducive manner. They will emerge well equipped to take on greater responsibilities and ultimately drive outstanding performance throughout their organizations.

Our coaches will ignite the passion and engagements in organizations by developing leaders as coaches. By engaging in their programs individuals will lead more effectively and gain greater clarity and awareness of the impact they have on team member.