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Strategy to Execution

Is your company doing great in formulating strategic plans, but struggles in executing them? Is there a problem in focusing consistently on the strategic plans while dealing with business challenges? Then take heart.This is a common phenomenon in a global corporate scenario.

Many organizations do great when it comes to formulating strategic plans. However, the real problem arises when executing those strategies into reality. While strategic planning itself is complex and difficult, it is all the more challenging to execute the strategic plan due to various factors such as the culture of the organization, competitive conditions, organizational function or structure, uncertain market trends, etc. Harvard Business School professor Robert Kaplan states that while companies formulate excellent strategies its memories fade away in the process because companies focus on fire fighting their day to day challenges of business operations.

It has been observed that only 63% of strategic plan gets executed. A gap exists between planning and execution which is the reason for failure the execution of the strategic plan. One of the reasons for this gap is shifting focus over time. When the organizations fails to meet the challenges it encounters, the natural outcome is shifting of focus from the strategic plan to resolving the challenge. When the challenges are not predicted and is not included as a part of the strategic plan, it is phenomenal that the execution of strategic plan becomes difficult. Only when the strategic plan is ready to meet market trends and uncertainty, face new challenges, is flexible and receptive to privileged inputs and changes, is able to balance competition, is free from bias and has the sufficient drive to turn those strategies into action, will be possible for proper execution of those strategic plans.

Strengthscape's Execution of Strategy program is a specially designed program that can help companies and execution officers face the challenges in execution of strategic planning. The tools and processes of the program help in formulating effective strategic plans that can be converted into effective execution.