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Strategy to Execution

Formulating strategic plans and executing them are two different things. Many a times, organizations have a very effective plan in place but fails at executing the plan and achieving the intended results. While strategic planning itself is complex and difficult, it is all the more challenging to execute the strategic plan due to various factors such as the culture of the organization, competitive conditions, organizational function or structure, uncertain market trends, etc.

To excel in execution, it is essential to understand the drivers of Vision and personal approach to crafting a vision in the light of best practices. Then to understand the drivers of Alignment and introspect on personal approach to each driver in comparison with best practices. Finally arriving at understanding the drivers of Execution and personal approach to each driver in the light of global best practices.

The strategy to execution program encourages reflection and discussion about the team and the organization. It helps leaders take action with personalized tips and strategies that give clear direction and are easy to apply.

The Strategy to Execution program aims at achieving the following results- identifying the Leadership Style, crafting a Vision that will result in an improved, building alignment and commitment towards the shared vision, championing execution to convert the vision into reality and understanding the best practices related to leadership.

The Strategy to Execution program connects unique leadership styles to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action. This enables the professionals to not just formulate a strategic plan with excellence but also execute them all the more with ease.

Strengthscape's Execution of Strategy program is a specially designed program that can help companies and execution officers face the challenges in execution of strategic planning. The tools and processes of the program help in formulating effective strategic plans that can be converted into effective execution.

Strengthscape is a coaching and leadership development organization providing services like mentoring, leadership training & development services. We have clients which include several of the renowned companies across industry sectors, where we work with some of their senior-most executives. We are based in Bangalore and have worked with clients across India and overseas. Our panel of professional coaches includes over 25 coaches who have been credentialed by the International Coach Federation and come with years of experience as coaches and mentors.

We, at Strengthscape, offer a well-defined process, support structure, and validated tools and techniques to ensure reliability, sustainability, and broad-based impact for the development and transformation of leaders into competent coaches. We improve the skills of leaders by helping them increase their self-awareness, perceptions and analyze their strengths and weaknesses before helping other team members do the same. Our coaching methodology, DANCE which focus on the above mentioned, was able to give numerous positive results.