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Soft Skills Training

  • He is a technically knowledgeable, but not good in presentations.Presentation Skills?

  • He is a team lead but he does not know how to motivate his team and help his team work together.Team Building Skills?

  • She is good at metrics, but she not good at communication both verbal and written.Communication Skills?

These are very common statements that we hear in any organization. Isn’t it?

A well-known and widely agreed fact is that people need to be technically strong in order to succeed in their forte. But, it is equally important to be strong in soft skills. It not only helps in individual development but also adds value to professional development.

As the world is becoming shrunk, it is essential to know the people managing skills. To be successful one must be tasks and results focused and at the same time focus towards people is required.

Soft skills are essential for professional and business success. Corporate trainings and educational institutions concentrate on equipping individuals with technology and industry knowledge. Though these are core entities for business operations, businesses can become ineffective if employees are not well trained in soft skills.

Skills like ability to make good presentations, being a team player, initiating and sustaining a conversation, communicating with clarity, managing conflicts effectively, learning to deal stress, etc. turn to be crucial in a workplace.

Soft skills are skills that are essential for work place and business interactions. At an individual level they comprise of communication skills, effective listening, presentation skills, time management, change management, conflict management, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, team building and goal setting.

Soft skills also include etiquette – dinning etiquette, e-mail etiquette, corporate etiquette, managing diversities- cultural diversity, gender diversity, workforce diversity, etc. It also comprises of how to cope with stress or emotions for these play a significant role in our lives that can directly impact work and performance.

The above-mentioned skills are applicable to a team level as well. Apart from this soft skills training is focused towards collaboration, building cohesive teams and working in cross functional teams.

Soft skills training is essential even at top management level because it can help mangers to be better at succession planning, visioning, developing a culture, managing multiple teams, etc.

These are few of the soft skill training programs offered by Strengthscape to the audiences at different level.

It has been observed that companies shrug at the idea of soft skills since it is not measurable. Soft skills, though cannot be measured in quantitative terms, has now come to be recognized as an essential component for business success.

Strengthscape has realized the importance of soft-skills in workplace and provides extensive training programs. Our training programs are experiential, and activity bound. This gives an opportunity to build on personal strengths and discover different challenge areas. We also help in creating an action plan that would enable you to set rituals to improve the specific skill. Our training programs are customizable according to client needs.