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Small Groups

In the modern era of competition and races everywhere, business firms just want to be on the top. The only question is how to get there. This could be the major reason executive coaching to be in trend now. The relative benefits of the idea are attracting more and more organizations to provide their high potential employees with quality coaching. Executive coaching focuses on a specialized issue faced by managers and senior officials and the learning that happens is specific to the need of the hour. The executive coach provides objective listening and feedback to the coached to resolve the conflicts, set goals and attain them. Basically, an executive coach empowers the high functional employees to harness one’s full potential and work towards one’s own as well as organization’s excellence.

Group coaching has been gaining acceptance in the corporate world in the recent times because of its ability to leverage maximum output within lesser time and at an affordable cost for the coached. Group coaching can be given to any set of people from any kind of background- a selection of employees from the same department, a group of managers working in the same field, a minority group or a group of women facing similar challenges in the workplace- as long as they have a common goal to reach. Team coaching is another variation of group coaching, where the difference is the coached are from a team already working together.

There are several advantages that coaching small groups have over large groups. The coach him/herself will have a better control over the crowd, helping him/her to ensure special attention to each of the coached which makes monitoring the progress easy. Vicarious learning is another major benefit of having group sessions. The group members get to have a look at varying perspectives and mutually identify with concepts, opinions and challenges. Smaller the size of the group, easier the discussions, lesser the magnitude of conflicts and, as a result, enhanced quality of vicarious learning. Finally, the assurance of confidentiality in a small, trusted group can lead to buddy conversations and widening of networks that can benefit in personal as well as professional lives of the coached.

We, at Strengthscape, keep in mind the nuts and bolts of group coaching. We also know how dynamics differ from a large group to a small one. Furthermore, we acknowledge the different needs of different leaders. Hence, our groups coaching sessions are meant for those with the same needs and are customized according to the requirements of the coached. Strengthscape also provides pre and post assessments and follow- up sessions to ensure that effort invested, and time spent by both sides will not go in vain.

Strengthscapeis a business psychology firm based in Bangalore, India. We are specialized in training, executive coaching and mentoring services within India and overseas. With our over 20 experienced trainers, we have grown from modest startup to a well-reputed and renowned name among our selected clients. Strengthscape’s other specialties are assessments, certifications, competency mapping, content development and image consulting.