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Situational Leadership

Do you wonder that as a leader you are not able to influence your employees in the organization consistently? Do you find that your approach to motivate them does not work the same all the time?

Though there are many leadership theories to enable leaders successfully inspire and motivate the followers to achieve a common goal, not all theories are able to draw a model that is suitable for all situations. As a leader each individual has different styles, skills, traits and behavior that is unique. However, the success of a leader does not primarily depend on these factors at all times consistently. Because there are other factors that affect the influence the leader has on his followers or the organization. One of these factors is the situation of the organization. A leader has to change his style and behavioral approach to problem solving by making an analysis of the situation of the organization. He requires assessing the organization's competence level, motivational factors, skills of the employees and other factors to lead the organization successfully. This is termed as situational leadership where the leader requires adapting styles and approach that best suits the situation of the organization.

The two key components that need to be taken into consideration for situational leadership are: follower's ability and follower's confidence. Follower's ability refers to relevant knowledge, skills, experience of the followers. Follower's confidence refers to motivation and the commitment of the followers to the assigned task. Only when the leader is able to understand and assess these factors, will it be possible for the leader to adopt a relevant style and behavioral approach that can enable him lead diligently.

The Strengthscape's situational leadership program is designed to enable leaders adopt appropriate style and behavioral approach based on the organization's development level. The leader will be equipped with methodology that will help him to make an appropriate analysis of the organization. Based on the analysis drawn the leader is helped to adopt a particular style that will suit the organization's situation. The principal coach of Strengthscape is a professional coach in helping leaders succeed as situational leaders.