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Having a clear vision of where you want your organization to reach is part of getting there. However, for this to translate into a reality, it is important to have skilled employees who are in sync with your goals and vision. When it comes to growing an organization, you certainly need employees with high technical and intellectual capacity but more vital is your need for people with the drive to excel. Training can help you mould employees into this mindset of learning and adapting to change and in the process, growing as individuals in a way that is conducive to the organization's growth.

Coaching and training helps your people develop the ability to set compelling goals, develop clear-cut strategies, work out action plans and execute them with integrity and commitment. It creates camaraderie, increases team unity and improves leadership skills. The Strengthscape provides several resources to help with your trainings:

Importance of Resources

Planning a training program in your organization can be an uphill task. Not only is it difficult to identify the right trainer but also put together the right training content.

Granted, there is a lot of information available in print and online literature. But sorting through all the material to find that which is most relevant to your requirements is time-consuming. Organizing insightful training requires a lot of planning. You need to decide where people will sit, how to arrange the seating, how many people to include in a training session and most importantly, what material to use. You need to have course content, worksheets, and lists of questions, icebreakers and energizers, team-building activities, details of hard-hitting research data and feedback tools.

Our Resources

This is where the resources The Strengthscape provides can come in handy. We provide the best and latest content in the field of leadership training and development, executive coaching, soft skills training and life coaching. Our articles cover a wide range of topics that you will find useful for your employees - right from the etiquette of writing an email to the role of visioning in an organization's growth. We also have detailed examples for activities and exercises you can incorporate in your training process. When you choose to invest in The Strengthscape's resources, you get access to material that is:

  • Authentic, well-researched and free from plagiarism issues
  • Custom developed content
  • Valid for the Indian scenario
  • Exhaustive but not boring
  • Intelligent without being overtly academic
  • Clear and easy to follow and use
  • Innovative and interesting
  • Free and paid (competitively priced)

What we offer

Executive coaching: Documents related to methodology, Measuring ROI, Models and Questionnaires

Coach training programs: Training outline, methodology, workbook and more

Soft skills training programs: Outline, content and facilitation activities

Team building activities: A range of activities from icebreakers to signature games

Leadership training and development programs: Models, training games and content

HR & business programs: Tools, models and customized content

Workshop facilitation services: A range of facilitation methods, formats and tools

These resources serve as a treasure house of material that you can use and re-use time and again, adapting them to your distinctive requirements where necessary. Why expend your precious time in creating from scratch when you can easily have access to the best quality resources? Get in touch with us today to find out about the material we have on offer.