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Professional Coach Training

Professional coaching skills are not only necessary for you to begin practicing as a Professional Coach but also as a more influential leader. Coach training started with greater focus on life coaching though we now see a greater shift of focus on managerial and leadership coaching. Coaching market has grown significantly, especially in India and offers a great opportunity for professionals to develop an alternate career path.

The GROW Model developed by Alexander in 1984 has served as a founding model for several Coaching Models. There are no qualifying criteria for attending most of the Coach Training Programs. However, to be a successful coach, we would recommend that you work on several generic skills apart from coaching specific competencies. These skills include - Business acquisition, Emotional Intelligence and Networking, to name a few. As a mature market, both the buyers / clients and coaches have created numerous models to serve a wide variety of needs and outcomes of coaching interventions. One must beware of courses and coaches who offer coach training solutions that are not necessarily founded in solid theoretical frameworks or rigorous methodologies. Many courses have no qualifying criteria at all and the students learn very basic level of coaching skills making them irrelevant for complex and advanced level of coaching corporates seek.

An effective coach must be able to derive learnings from a wide variety of situations, drive and motivate the coached subtly to act and distil the outcomes to create a lifetime of insights. Coach Training Programs that Strengthscape designs and delivers are short term, highly focussed and customized for enterprises. Our certifications apply best for those who are already in a similar field and are ready to move to the higher level by refining their coaching skills and widening their theoretical frameworks to diverse areas such as anthropology, psychology and neuroscience. 

Our Coach Training programs are hands on courses, conducted virtually and face to face and often provide opportunities for follow up and post training mentoring program. Our Professional Coach Training programs include personalized instructional material including engaging exercises such as role plays and case study analysis on how to design and deliver a coaching intervention and establish a coaching culture in client’s organization.

Many Psychology institutes now offer Ph.D. in Coaching Skills. It will be difficult to compare such intensive and extensive programs with Professional Coach Training Programs as the latter is typically 60-125 hours long and often done to augment an existing skill rather than gaining a long-term qualification.

We offer customized Coach Training Programs. As Coaching skills are increasingly relevant for managerial training, much of our work is with early and mid-managers in organizations. We offer our students a comprehensive instructional program that focuses on concepts, psychology-based principles and their applications. A typical program is 60 hours of duration and comprises of 2 components:

  • 4 days / 32 hours of core training around theoretical frameworks.
  • 28 Hours of supervised practical coaching where we help the participants integrate the learning with practical experience.
  • We provide the vital mentoring support via our training and experienced coaches. One to one telephonic / virtual support can involve multiple levels of support including dissecting an actual session, identifying areas where the coach requires further training and support and celebrating strengths and successes. Professional Coach Training is a long process and Strengthscape provides the support required to gain deep level of proficiency. Our coaching workshops are interactive, usually conducted in small groups and assist the participants to work towards ICF accreditation.

    You could now help your team of managers and leaders acquire professional coaching skills that are critical to enhancing human potential by associating with Strengthscape.