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Problem Solving

Business problems are often complex. There is no one single solution for the business problem upon the table of discussion. Most of the business problems are multi-dimensional and has various components that need to be addressed. Some components may be hidden and while some are apparent. It is always challenging to address the root problem and resolve it. Besides when a group of people are involved in discussing business problems, there are often different perspectives coming into the forefront. Many a time it is possible that effective integration of different perspectives becomes difficult.

Facilitation would help in solving complex business problems by enabling the group to create a shared understanding of the problem under discussion. The facilitator creates an environment where each person in the group is heard, is able to contribute effectively by focusing on the problem and not on the person sharing. The facilitator helps the group to think creatively by using of models, visuals or graphics to depict their ideas for problem solving. This in turn intensifies not only the logical thinking of the brain but also the use of emotional system in problem solving.

Whatever is the complexity of the business problem, the facilitator can enable the group solve them effectively by the use of graphic facilitation. Use of graphic facilitation serves in using both the sides of the brain. The facilitator facilitates the whole process with the use of electronic boards, flip charts, web conferencing tools, flow charts, diagrams and even models that can capture ideas that the group generates. This further facilitates the flow of the discussion to be consistent and focused. Graphic facilitation serves as a visual reminder with respect to the group’s ideas, action plans and decisions made which can be integrated to form more formal structure of the problem. It also helps the group have a recorded memory of the discussion so that it is easy for recollection to take notes and make relevant changes.

It is in the hands of the facilitator to make graphic facilitation an effective tool for solving complex business problems.