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Presentation Skills

Communication is the crux of all human activity. Organizations rely on effective communication for functioning and presenting information or thoughts and ideas is an integral part of communication. Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across. The corporate world requires people to have effective presentation skills to make communication work. A great deal of corporate communication takes place through presentations. In professional life, the ability to make a high impact presentation may be the key to winning that coveted deal or getting a promotion.

This program helps participants to design and deliver high impact presentations. The program also helps the participants to recognize one’s unique style and play on their own strengths.

Subject matter is not what makes trainings, seminars or meetings boring but lack of presentation skills and personal presentation. Even a boring subject such as quality standards can be made interesting if good presentation skills are adopted by the presenter. Though good communication is essential for presentations it would still be insufficient if presentation skills are lacking. Presentations skills involve use of presentation tools such as a PPT, activities, etc. However, even with good presentation tools at hand, an individual can fail in making a good presentation if he/she lacks appropriate skills. The bottom line of presentations is the presenter; and the essential trait of a presenter is his/her ability to excite the audience. It is observed that if a presenter succeeds in exciting the crowd he/she is addressing and keep them engaged throughout the course of the training or session, even the most boring content can be conveyed effectively.

This program is packed with some of the core aspects of presentation skills which can excite every individual.

Our organization’s process of developing presentation skill is a step-by-step process that enables creating and delivering presentations effectively.

  1. Diagnostic: This is the stage of identifying and understanding the audience. This critical step is missed by most while creating presentations. Diagnostic is essential to ensure that the need of the audience is addressed effectively.
  2. Development: It is in this stage that critical decisions regarding content, structure and medium are made. Many people tend to miss the Diagnostic stage and jump straight to development. Remember, that inputs received in the Diagnostic stage are critical to developing an effective presentation.
  3. Delivery: This is the stage when the presentation is finally delivered to the audience. The stage presence of the speaker, the recall value of the presentation and the engagement of the audience are critical aspects to consider at this stage.
  • Enable the participants to make high impact presentations.
  • Learn how to plan and structure a presentation
  • Develop impactful presentation content
  • Overcome stage fright and present with confidence
  • Learn to speak with greater conviction and authority
Program Outline
  • Exploring how presentations work
  • Working on belief
  • Strengthscape’s process of Presentation Skills
  • Presentation styles and techniques
  • Structuring content
  • Body language
  • Mastering the use of training aids
  • Power Vocabulary in Delivery
  • Handling objections
  • Developing your unique style
  • Practice sessions

This program is available for 1 and 2 day session and is customizable to one’s need. It encompasses experiential learning using a blend of both information and graphics along with online pre-work, engaging facilitation, case-study sessions, discussions and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience.