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Personal Effectiveness

Success comes from being excellent at what you do. But then what should you do? This program enables the participants to not only be outstanding at what they do but also discover what they should be doing. This interactive program arms the participants to deal with everyday irritants, manage conflicts on a fly and improve relationships. A must for every professional, this program is based on the latest research in the field of neuroscience, anthropology and psychology.

Personal effectiveness is the key to our success at work. Challenges are common in our work place that can affect our effectiveness. Stress, everyday problems, busy schedules and irritants of life are some of them. These challenges cannot be eliminated but need to be dealt in such a way so that they do not become blocks or hindrances to our personal effectiveness.

Identifying causes that hinder our personal effectiveness is the first step to address the issue. This program is designed with strategies to meet the individual needs of people. It enables participants with methodologies to identify causes affecting personal effectiveness, identify personal barriers or self-imposed limitations, develop action items to bring about the required change, keep focus on the action plan, take responsibility to work on the plan, develop healthy habits, manage conflicts or irritants, self-motivation, ways to deal with guilt and regrets, concentrate on one’s strengths, focus on the present and the future.

  • The objective of this program is to enable the participants to master the art of self management and significantly enhance their ability to deal with challenges in relationships thereby enhancing personal effectiveness.
  • Program Outline
    • How we learn
    • Visioning
    • Self talk – thinking, feeling, behaving
    • Managing interpersonal communication
    • Conflict resolution and creativity
    • Dealing with irritants in daily life
    This program is available in a one day and a two day format