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Performance Coaching

Strengthscape provides Performance Coaching to clients to help the coachee reach the level of expected or peak performance. The journey for performance coaching starts only when it is established that the coachee is fully applying the learned skills in the workplace. Therefore, ideally, a coachee needs to go through a skills and rehearsal coaching before the performance coaching starts. All the three forms of coaching – skills, rehearsal and performance – can be mapped in one single journey or can be broken down into multiple phases.

Performance coaching demands that the coach has the pre-requisite skills to manage fluctuations in the coachee’s performance and can deal effectively with any obstacles within the coachee or the work environment. Strengthscape’s pool of coaches do come with that pre-requisite expertise and skill. During the performance coaching journey, they would support and provide feedback on coachee’s performance of skills in the workplace.

Performance coaching can be provided for increasing sales performance, business performance, financial performance, performance related to people management and development. Each performance is understood basis a set of skills and defined behaviors which the coach identifies along with the line manager and an SME from the industry.

It is most often necessary to have a coach who has similar industry experience but if that is not available, the coach then focuses on the psychological readiness of the coachee which includes working on self-awareness, emotions, motivations, values aligned to the organization, thinking, beliefs, coping with stress and pressure, physiological response and mental strategies while the SME or manager gives inputs around the technical and functional aspects of the performance.

Usually targeted towards middle and senior managers, performance coaching can deliver real business results. It is often not affordable for First Time Managers and lower-ranking employees. Further, performance coaching is not restricted to underperformers but also provided to top performers to prepare them to take up the next role. Irrespective of the role and level, measurement of performance is key in this process because improvement can only be assessed by mapping coachee’s new behaviors to pre-coaching performance. Having set the context about the what and how of Performance Coaching.

Here are the highlights of Strengthscape’s Performance Coaching as a service:

  • We provide coaches with similar industry experience which is imperative in performance coaching
  • We also enable managers with the structure and skills to conduct performance coaching internally
  • The coach would focus on both short-term and long-term performance goals
  • The larger methodology that would be followed is Strengthscape’s DANCE methodology with focus on performance. Aspects of skills and rehearsal coaching can also be added to be journey by mutually agreeing with the coachee
  • We conduct both individual and team-level performance coaching
  • During the performance coaching journey, the coach will help the coachee to:
    • Identify obstacles and roadblocks and how to overcome the same to reach peak performance
    • Set realistic and achievable goals
    • Build critical skills wherever necessary and maximize strengths
    • Work at the thoughts, feelings and behaviors level to drive performance
    • Work on social networks and relationships level with the coachee to enhance performance
    • Bridge the gap between professional growth and personal development
  • The duration of the performance coaching journey is minimum 3 months to maximum 6-8 months

Although seen from the lens of individual development, performance coaching can help an organization to reduce absenteeism and burnout amongst employees. To know more about Performance Coaching or to begin this journey, reach out to us.