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Coaching is a profession which focuses on unlocking the client's potential to perform better and enhance life and well-being. Coaching does not believe in teaching but enhance self learning through discovery. To make this process possible, coaches use psychometrics which is powerful and robust tool for self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the first step in coaching process and psychometric tests are standardized and scientifically developed tools for measuring individual's psychological attributes such as aptitude, personality, values and abilities. There are various types of psychometrics tests such as MBTI, WAVE, Hogan Developmental Survey, Emotional Intelligence measures, 360 degree and many more.

With rapid development in the coaching industry, coaches are adopting various psychometric tests to impact the coaching process more effectively. The very purpose of using psychometric tools in coaching is that it helps the coach know the coachee better. This means it can help the coaching process move in the right direction by setting the structure for coaching and working faster with less missed steps. Further,

  • it helps the coach and the coachee to open up on the areas for discussion,
  • it helps the coachee have a personal self-awareness,
  • it helps the coachee know the areas that needs change or development,
  • it helps the coachee have data for future reflection and finally
  • it is essence for structuring the coaching journey or process.

Some of benefits of using psychometrics in coaching are increased self-awareness and insight by the coachee, focus and setting up of certain goals, predict the success of the set goals, help in developing of ideas which previously were not considered and highlight on the areas of strength.

With so many psychometric tools available, one may wonder which tool is the right for clients or which tools may best benefit the coaching process. Research has found that tools such the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), FIRO B, DISC, Clifton's Strength Finder have all added immense value to coaching relationships. However, it should be kept in mind that psychometric tools just aid the process of coaching. They cannot replace the coaching process or the role of the coach. They cannot take the place of structuring the coaching journey, setting objectives, powerful questioning, effective listening or the very presence of the coach.

Psychometrics is however a valuable tool in the hands of a coach. Because it is the very tool which the coach uses to know his coachees better that facilitates in taking an inward look. With the results derived from the psychometric tests, the coaches are able to arrive at accurate interpretations which are later validated with further discussions from the client or 360 degree feedback. Psychometric tools help coaches be effective in their coaching journey as well increase their psychological knowledge and mindset. This further enhances their professional abilities and enables them to take their careers into next levels. At the same time the use of psychometrics for coachees helps in achieving self-awareness which is essential for growth and change.

At Strengthscape, we have deployed many psychometric tools based on the need of the organization and the goals of the engagement. In a coaching engagement, recommendation of the coach is paramount. By having the flexibility to deploy a range of tools based on the fitment, we are able to deliver immense value to our coaching and leadership development engagements.