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Leader as Coach

People are the key asset of any organization. Leader as coach program provides a robust framework for not only developing leaders but managing, propagating, controlling and populating a significant initiative to enhance people engagement.

Drivers for the program:

  • The biggest reason for attrition is a sour relationship with the line manager.
  • Biggest opportunity for growth of a person is in the area of his or her strength.
  • Each individual has unique talent.
  • A positive belief and an inspiring goal lead to action.

Our leader as coach program works at three levels:

  • First and foremost, we imbibe coaching skills in the people managers. We work with people managers in both a workshop mode and one to one mode across 12 competencies of a coach. The program is delivered through an innovative set of experiential games and interactive sessions.
  • We create an opportunity for the organization to help set its employees inspiring goals. The leaders work with the team members to find the intersection point of organizational goals and personal aspirations. This is done through the well set process of discovery. By aligning each individual to the organizational goals, we help the organization enhance productivity and deliver measurable outcomes.
  • We handhold the participants all through the journey to build a strategy, take action and gain insight through a structured program.

Key benefits of program:

  • Quantum leap in employee engagement. Coaching skills are essential to not only engage employees but also develop people into effective leaders. The program institutionalize a culture of coaching.
  • The program provides an innovative and highly engaging way to thrive in diversity. Many of our clients build their diversity and inclusion programs around this program.
  • The program enables participants to build their personal vision, identify their own strengths and develop leadership skills. This program has helped many organizations ease succession planning initiatives by building the leadership inventory in the organization.
  • By improving the quality of manager-employee conversation and providing a framework for the building a just performance management system, this program enables enhanced positivity in the organization that build loyalty and reduces attrition.
Build Leadership Inventory

Program Features:

  • A long term program which includes a series of workshops, tele-sessions and community building.
  • A framework for cascading the program through the organization.
  • Handholding of the entire roll out by our expert coaches.
  • Measurable results and real business impact.