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Large Groups

Let us start by being straightforward. Businesses run to make profits. For this to happen one needs to be better than their competitors. To compete with them and create a competitive edge, coaching is very good technique. In the simplest words, coaching is a guidance provided by the coach to the coached to identify and bring out the full potential of the coached to effectively achieve the personal and organizational goals. Coaching can be given by a supervisor to the subordinates or the organization can outsource the coach. Hiring executive coaches with an aim to improve the performance of high potential employees is in trend now because of its empirical evidence and ability to produce positive results.

Coaching in itself is a tedious task. And when the group size is large, there is no question about the difficulty and the amount of effort to be put in. There are no many merits or advantages a large group coaching would have over a small group or a one-to-one coaching except the reduction in cost per person and time saved. Grabbing everyone’s attention, ensuring that the facilitator is in control of the environment, giving equal attention to each of the participant, catering to the needs and abilities of each- there are many aspects to look at in a group coaching, and the effort increases drastically with the increase in the number of participants. In addition, the popularity of the practice has resulted in organizations setting high expectations when they hear about coaching. They do not want anything, but the best results. And hence, creating the best coaching session is a challenging task to the coaches.

To some, all these requirements of coaching come as a piece of cake. Let us call them the born coaches. And there are others who do not have inborn traits to coach groups. But, that in no way, stops the from being an effective coach.

We, at Strengthscape, believe that one can achieve far more when nurtured properly even if it does not come naturally to the person. Definitely, we improve with time, but in this case, we cannot wait for ten years to be a better coach. So, we offer training on being a coach who can deal with a large group as effectively as possible. We also provide coaching to large groups which will leave a long-standing learning on the audience.

To ensure good results we use an effective learning model called DANCE (which expands to Discovery, Awareness, New Strategy, Combat, Elevate and Acknowledge) which is our proprietary methodology, developed by Strengthscape team who has an expertise in coaching. With our learning approach, we apply the three major strategies- effective organization, command presence and develop context- for effective group coaching. We also try to train the future coaches to incorporate these strategies in their skill set.

We, Strengthscape, with our 25 professional coaches and a history of a successful journey of 10 years, provide you with the best coaching experience. We are happy to inform you that we provide our services within India and overseas.

Our other services include assessments, certifications, competency mapping, content development image consulting, leadership training and mentoring.