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Innovation is the key to business success. Since competition is ever increasing with rapid changes in technology, organizations are focusing on creativity and innovation in business processes, product lines and management practices. If organizations are to come up with innovation and creativity consistently especially when finding quality solutions for business problems, transformational change is critical.

Transformational change does not imply a slight improvement to business propositions. It refers to a change that a make a valuable impact. A facilitator is an expert who can bring about this transformational change in people impacting business proposition. The facilitator also ensures that engagement and people commitment is consistent with regard to transformational change.

When a group is brainstorming on a business proposition, the facilitator is one who facilitates the group towards creative thinking process or innovation. Powerful questioning techniques used by the facilitator enables the members of the group explore more, evaluate paradigms and build on ideas. The very purpose of brainstorming is to build on ideas helping people to become more constructive and innovative.

The facilitator helps the members of the group evaluate paradigms and facilitate a shift in paradigms provided they are helpful in exploring possibilities. Shifting of paradigms is often a difficult because it has been the framework which has worked in the past. However, exploring possibilities often leads to innovation. The facilitator taps the creativity in the members of the team through exercises and activities.

Innovation can be blocked by obstacles such as lack of support within the team, because past innovations failed, process of innovation is not well organized, too many ideas and hence unable to choose, etc. The key role of the facilitator to is address these blocks and help the members of the team invoke change. A facilitator can facilitate innovation only when the organization or the company advocates innovation and creativity and has a culture supporting it.