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Gone are the days when people reported to the office at 9, worked like robots, got ordered around by their managers and left at sharp 7. Workplaces do not work like this anymore. Things have changed over time. These are the days of flexible working hours, internet and work from home. Coming are the days people working with robots and AI in a flat structured organization where employees address each other by their first names. It is no more about working because one has to, but one wants to. Retire if you want, work till death if you like. The environment of the organization, style of working and content of work are ever-evolving. As Heraclitus said, “the only thing that is constant is change”.

Tim Waddel, in his blog, advices, “evolve or extinct”. It is the need of the hour to be updated about the changes, invest on the latest technology and gadgets and treat human resource as the most valuable resource an organization will ever get. The HRD plays a vital role in keeping the work environment pleasantly competitive, which is not a very surprising fact. HRD is equally responsible as the other departments in the organization in keeping up with the changes. When the other departments take care of making the job easier, more competitive, more structured, etc., HR should focus on making it more exciting and attractive. Here is where HR Innovation comes in to the scene.

Innovation, according to the dictionary definition means “a new idea, method, style, etc. of doing things.” But, that not all it is about. JetBlue, the sixth largest aero plane firm in the US was founded by David Neelman in 2000 when there was already plenty of airplane firms in the country. It did not look like a new idea. When Neelman was asked about his launch of a seemingly not-an-innovative project he answered, “Innovation is trying to figure out a way to do something better than it’s ever been done before.” 

HR innovation is all about doing something that is already done, but in a little better way, without negative consequences. Risks are involved, but calculated risks make things better. HR innovation is about knowing the capabilities and resources that only the organization can claim, strengthening them through the right mix and attain a competitive advantage. This process should ensure that the rivals would get there. Innovation in HR is possible only if the culture of the organization is supportive of innovation. A contradicting culture is obviously not the right tool for innovations in HR. The need for innovation in HR need not be said more.

Strengthscape is a coaching and leadership training firm headquartered in Bangalore, India. Our successful journey over ten years has given us clients within the country and overseas. Our services include assessments, certifications, competency mapping, content development and image consulting.

We, at Strengthscape, provide organizations with executive coaching in a wide spectrum of concerns and departments. Our expertise is in coaching, mentoring and training- Human resource being one of our specialties. We are skilled at recognizing the challenges and obstacles faced by the HRD and can provide tailor-made coaching for the needs of the clients. Our sessions are preceded and followed by assessments to diagnose the issue, its degree and the progress after the intervention.