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How it Works

Coaching is often thought as a technique where individuals are taught to focus on their goals and strive to work towards them. However, coaching is not that. Coaching empowers individuals discover their unique talents or gifts. It helps them maximize their potential to achieve success that they desire. In short, the coaching program helps individuals to be their best now by fostering to think independently.

Components of Coaching

Coaching is a structured and action-oriented program. The coaching programs comprises of 4 components namely, time-frame, exercises/activities and study materials, feedback and commitment and accountability.

We start with the Discovery session (D of our methodology DANCE). Once the goals are set, the coach and the coached usually meet or converse on phone every fortnight. The journey consists of a number of cycles. Each cycle lasts from 4 to 6 months.

The time- frame depends on the needs of the organization, teams or individual which the coach and coachee agree upon for completion. Professional coaches are experts who understand their client needs and tailor the coaching program accordingly.

The exercises, activities and materials used by the coach are designed to help the coachee alter the way of thinking and perspectives and create awareness of potentials and possibilities.

Feedback happens during the course of the program to enable to coachee know whether he/she is on track by evaluating how much of learning has gone into practice and what action has been taken thus far.

Commitment and accountability on the part of the coach and the coachee is the foundation of the coaching program without which it is not possible to continue the coaching process.