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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement refers to the level of responsibility and enthusiasm employees have towards their work and reflects their involvement to the organization. Employees who feel engaged tend to be more productive, satisfied and remain loyal to the organization. With good HR practices organizations can ensure that the employees are well engaged and satisfied, so they are committed to the organization.

To understand the needs of the employees and to ensure that they are satisfied employee surveys are of great help. This helps in discovering the potential areas of improvement within the organization that would help in employee engagement and job satisfaction. This way, employees would feel valued and tend to be more committed to the organization. This in turn leads to increased productivity.

Though Coaching, in its infancy stage, was meant for personal development, it is evolving to aid in employee engagement. The application of coaching principles and methodologies as part of employee engagement interventions has brought about an expected result. Hence, it is being used popularly in the domain of employee engagement services.

Employee engagement might mean differently to different people. One way of putting it is the level of commitment and engagement employee has towards the future of the company. This does not particularly cater to financial engagement but the extent to which employee feel to go an extra mile and remain committed to the organization.

To ensure employees are engaged 5 c’s of employee engagement is discussed. Employee engagement tends to increase when employees are given control over their tasks and decisions. Clarity in communication and clarity in goals help in getting a well-defined picture of employees' role and their impact thus influencing employee engagement. Having a sense of connect with the leaders and other members of the organization helps in being loyal to the company and develops strong employee engagement. Employee engagement also increases when they can see the impact of their contribution in the success of the company. Recognizing the efforts of the employee and rightly congratulating them works like a magic in enhancing the level of employee engagement.

A coach plays a critical role in coaching the leaders to develop these skills in order to improve employee engagement. For any organization it is crucial that their employees are satisfied and engaged as it would have an impact on the productivity. Thus, Strengthscape’s employee engagement services includes coaching that aids organizations to work on strategies to retain employee and ways to tackle issues arising in the same context.

We use our own unique methodology for coaching called the DANCE methodology. This begins with discovering the areas of improvement related to employee engagement followed by developing action plans to combat the issues and improve retention in the organization. Not just for individual level coaching, but the leaders could engage in group level coaching to take the employee engagement to the next level.

Strengthscape’s DANCE methodology is flexible, and applicable for all. It is proven to be successful in increasing the present levels of employee engagement in organization and thus having impacting the organization’s growth.