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Emotional Intelligence

Research shows that emotional intelligence has a significant effect on the managerial ability of a person. Managerial ability is one’s ability to work with others, influence them in a way that they like and ultimately manage stressful and crucial conversations at workplace. Most leadership programs include a session on emotional intelligence. Emotion intelligence relates to one’s ability to regulate their emotions and behavioural response to eternal stimuli. Fortunately, it can be developed.

Strengthscape provides coaching based programs for developing emotional intelligence. The programs are targeted for both individual contributors and managers.

Coaching is a process that helps an individual to modify their thinking, feeling or behaviour. In fact, by modifying one, they could expect to see a change in the other two. One common outcome from behavioural coaching interventions is an enhanced emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be developed through coaching and increasing self-awareness.

Here is a list of outcomes a coaching process can influence in a systematic way:

  1. Increased awareness – Executive coaches could provide feedback and information to heighten coaches’ recognition of their own goals, problems and issues that they are facing. This is done through a systematic process of deriving insights from exercises like balance wheel and goal setting.
  2. Increased emotional awareness – This refers to how a coachee feels about the goals, problems and aspirations. By explicitly discussing and contemplating these issues, the coached usually experiences a heightened level of emotional self-awareness.
  3. Increases awareness about one’s behaviours on others – By assessing one’s own response to goals and problems, the coachee is able to assess the impact of their own behaviour on others like friends, family and colleagues.
  4. Avoid negative emotions - Also, the coachee is then able to enhance their ability to avoid triggers and hot buttons that could place them back into unhealthy emotional states or make them revert to old habits.
  5. Long term support - Coachee is also able to build a support network and seek counsel in order to reinforce and reaffirm new behaviours and perspectives. This requires enlisting friends and confidants and systematically building the network by investing time and build mutually beneficial long term relationships.
  6. Create and implement rituals - Coachee is then also able to design and develop rituals / new behaviours in order to get over problems and move in the direction of their goals. This requires the coachee to reflect on the feasibility, intensity and frequency of new behaviours in order to make them an enabling habit.
  7. Immediate feedback - Coaches reinforce new desired behaviours by acknowledging and celebrating these behaviours. This is highly valuable for the coachee as they are able to see how small steps taken consistently can create big changes in their lives. They feel encouraged to repeat the desired new behaviour.

This program is available in a one day and a two day format