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Dining Etiquette

“Every business meal represents an opportunity for relationship building.”

Executive dining skills are pivotal to every business occasion where food and drink are served. Far more than table manners, Executive Presence at business meals reflects leadership skills. This requires poise, a polished presence and an understanding of the role of both host and guest.

The ability to dine confidently anywhere and with anyone is an intrinsic part of leadership. This course, provided by Strengthscape, ensures that participants have the expertise to navigate every business meal from boardroom luncheon to formal dinner – and to engage clients with ease.

Business relationships are developed and strengthened in social situations often on the dining table. Mastering the art of fine dining adds to professional image and to our confidence in making business conversation. New managers and leaders often find themselves in an awkward situation especially when dining with international guests or clients. Confidence in dining situation would free them from worrying about making mistakes. This enhances their ability to feel comfortable and self-assured in business discussions. Moreover, having the relevant knowledge of regional food and wine helps in building rapport.

This program builds confidence in maneuvering through a formal dining setting and promotes positive interactions in business and social situations.

The learning objective of the course is to train the participants to be confident in the following areas:

  • Dining and business etiquette in formal situations.
  • Social and networking skills in business settings.
  • Principles of food and wine pairing with application to regional food.
  • Appreciation of cross-cultural differences.
Program Outline

The course will be delivered in an experiential way at any of the star hotels. This fun-filled program includes a 5-course meal, role-playing exercises and activities. The training takes you through a step-by-step approach of formal dining and leaves you with a game to remind you of the steps just before your next formal business dinner.

Program Outcomes
  • The program aims at imparting the following skills:
  • Understanding the purpose of luncheons/dinners 
  • Infer the value of networking
  • Gaining a perspective of table manners and socially desired behaviors in a professional setting
  • Learning the flow of different courses in a meal
  • Model the proper use of utensils and glassware
  • Knowing the skills involved in making appropriate small – talks

The program is designed to showcase various aspects of dining etiquette essential for building potential business relations. It shows how dining etiquette can impact business deals and lead to growth and network development as well.

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Duration: 3 hours