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Would you like to energize employees, impress customers, improve positive word-of-mouth, and increase repeat business? This training program helps develop people, systems and processes that can create a seamless experience for your customers – whatever be your domain! Get together and create a culture of service that far exceeds your customer’s expectations.

A decade ago customer satisfaction was the key to business operations. However, the recent focus has been on customer happiness and not just satisfaction. Businesses and corporate world has come to understand the importance of customer happiness. Once the customer is happy and the customer’s needs and requirement are met in an excellent way, that customer is potentially a long standing customer increasing sales and profitability of the organization.

Businesses and the corporate world having understood this principle of customer happiness, are training their employees especially those who directly deal with the client or the customer in en enhancing their service to make their customers happy. This customer service entails the way each employee or team attend the customer’s requirement, the way of communication to the customer, timely delivery of the product or service, availability and punctuality in processing the customer’s requirement, taking feedbacks in a positive way and striving to give a better service consistently.

This program includes techniques and strategies that will enable employees and teams provide a better customer service and handle challenges in delivering such service.

  • Improve organization’s profitability by retaining and farming existing customers.
  • Program Outline
    • Recognize that customer service as an important factor in organizations’ profitability
    • Understand the rules of excellent customer service
    • Enhance personal service orientation
    • Make customer service a team approach
    • Align systems, processes and people to for seamless delivery
    • This program is available in a one day and a two day format